‘Dexter’ Recap: “Every Silver Lining”

By July 8, 2013

Psychopaths: A destructive force or a gift of nature?

Dr. Evelyn Vogel believes them to be the latter. CEOs, politicians…people who have pushed humanity forward. And then there’s Dexter–her own monstrous creation.

That’s right, “Dexter” lovers. Harry alone did not create the infamous code that his son lives by. Rather, he had the help of a renowned specialist.

Evelyn shows Dexter tapes of her sessions with Harry, then asks him for his help. Miami’s latest serial killer has been sending her pieces of brains in jars, and she wants Dexter to kill him before it’s too late. She believes that the killer is a former patient of hers, and that if she goes to the police, they’ll discover some of her unorthodox (read: illegal) treatment methods.

Dexter is wary of helping her, but, under Harry’s ghostly guidance, agrees. Evelyn is convinced that she knows everything about Dexter, but is perplexed when he admits he could have used someone to talk to after his father’s death. After all, psychopaths generally don’t feel the need to make human connections. Dexter snags a fingerprint from the murder weapon at a new crime scene and traces it to Lyle Sussman. Evelyn is surprised; Sussman isn’t one of her clients. Still, all evidence points to him, so Dexter pays a visit to Sussman’s house, only to find it empty.

The police aren’t far behind; Matsuka has found a partial print of his own. Batista and Quinn pay Sussman’s mother a visit and discover he has a hunting cabin in the woods. During their drive, Batista pressures Quinn to take the sergeant’s exam, and informs Quinn that he knows about his relationship with Jamie.

Meanwhile, Deb continues to seek out the missing jewels. Hit man El Sappo follows her to a storage locker, grabs her gun, and beats her up. The next morning, he’s found dead in his car–shot three times.

Dexter snags a piece of bloody glass from the crime scene. Concerned that whoever killed El Sappo will be coming after Deb too, he slips into her house. Disgruntled, she tells him about the tussle, but demands that he leave. At Vogel’s request, he visits Sussman’s hunting cabin, only to discover Sussman’s body hanging outside.

Quinn picks up Jamie for their date, but his concern for Deb leads to an argument. He informs Jamie that Batista knows about their relationship, and Jamie storms back inside, yelling at her brother.

The following day, Quinn calls Deb down to the station to question her about El Sappo. Dexter interrupts, pulling her outside. He’s tested the blood on El Sappo’s car; it’s Deb’s. She murdered the hit man.

Who is this monster Deb’s become? Drowning in the conviction that she’s a bad person, she no longer knows what she is and isn’t capable of…and neither does Dexter. Taken from El Sappo’s car, her gun is in the evidence locker; Dexter switches it out for her.

That evening, Deb drives by a Miami-metro get together, but can’t bring herself to leave the car. Quinn agrees to take the sergeant’s exam, then spots Deb. They make eye contact, and she drives away.

The real killer has broken into Evelyn’s apartment and left a DVD behind. She and Dexter watch and realize that Sussman was forced to murder the other victim at gunpoint. The real killer is still on the loose…and he may very well be one of Evelyn’s patients. Still distraught over the situation with Deb, Dexter confesses that he thinks he’s a mistake of nature. Evelyn, in full Mommy-dearest mode (for she does consider herself his “spiritual mother”), assures him that he is perfect just the way he is.