‘Dexter’ Recap: “Goodbye Miami”

By September 9, 2013


Can serial killers ever be redeemed?

Dr. Vogel has a blind spot when it comes to her son, Daniel (aka Oliver). Despite how many serial killers she’s worked with and studied, she’s convinced that Daniel is different – that he doesn’t want to kill. And no matter how many times she’s told Dexter that psychopaths don’t have feelings, she seems to buy Daniel’s. Grief and guilt, it seems, will be her undoing.


Dexter isn’t ready to give up his quest to hunt and kill Daniel just yet. Even if Vogel insists that she doesn’t want his help, Dexter feels the need to protect his spiritual mother. It’s back to basics for our favorite serial killer; he even returns to his long-abandoned ritual of hanging up pictures of his target’s victims.


Will this be Dexter’s final kill? He’s ready to start a new life with Hannah and Harrison in Argentina, and even gives his notice to Batista. Deb is furious when she finds out; she doesn’t want Harrison to be alone with Hannah…and she doesn’t want to lose her family. It’s up to Quinn to convince Deb that sometimes change is a good thing, even if it’s terrifying.


And a change is exactly what Quinn needs. When Jamie informs him that she’s giving up a great job opportunity to stay with him, he ends their relationship. Jamie is convinced that it’s to be with Deb, but Quinn still won’t admit he has feelings for his ex. When Deb goes to the station to inform Batista that she’s ready to come back to Miami Metro, Jamie storms past her. Deb pulls Quinn outside for a heart-to-heart, and he admits that, even though he probably would have broken up with Jamie eventually regardless, he’s still in love with her. Deb admits that she still has feelings for him, too, and pulls him in for a big smooch.


Daniel takes his mother to his kill room, where he demands that she help him the way she did Dexter. She made the wrong choice last time, he informs her; she picked her other son over him. He cautions her not to make the same mistake twice.


Dexter breaks into Dr. Vogel’s house and uses her computer to reverse-hack Daniel. He finds a video of Zach Hamilton’s murder, which he proceeds to show Vogel. Her insistence that Daniel doesn’t really like killing fades away, and, hollowly, she admits what needs to be done. She agrees to meet Daniel in a public place that night, where Dexter can snatch and kill him.


Federal Marshal Clayton comes to call while Deb plays with Harrison at the beach. He’s just overheard Batista saying that Dexter is leaving Miami, and his suspicions are running high. Could Dexter be fleeing the country with Hannah?


Deb assures Clayton that this isn’t the case, even as Hannah cooks breakfast inside her house, thirty feet away. But Hannah’s plans to lay low until they leave for Argentina take a bad turn when Harrison, playing with Deb’s treadmill, falls and badly cuts his chin. In a startling act of self-sacrifice, Hannah rushes Harrison to the hospital, pretending to be his mother. Unfortunately, her selfless act is not without consequences; the receptionist recognizes her from TV, and calls in the Marshal.


He doesn’t arrive until long after Harrison and Hannah have left, but the damage is done. Clayton knows that Hannah and Dexter have been in contact. Dexter, meanwhile, is reluctant to leave his girlfriend and son on their own; he wants to be there to protect them. He wavers and, in a great twist, it is the mirage of Harry that tells him he needs to kill Daniel. But is he too late?


Dr. Vogel has foolishly invited Daniel over to her house one last time, and he reads her like an open book. She’s frightened…and Dexter is coming. Just as Dexter arrives outside, his phone rings; it’s Daniel. Standing in the window, like something out of a horror movie, are Daniel and Dr. Vogel. Daniel slits his mother’s throat, and vanishes. Dexter rushes inside and tearfully holds his dead spiritual mother, rocking her blood-soaked body in his arms.