‘Dexter’ Recap: “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”

By August 27, 2013

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 1

Neither Dr. Vogel nor Dexter are prepared to check their emotions at the door when it comes to the serial killers they love.

Zach may have been killed by the Brain Surgeon, but he left behind clues to lead Dexter to the culprit. Hair stuck under a desk at Zach’s apartment leads Dexter to a surprising conclusion: the Brain Surgeon is Dr. Vogel’s son.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 2

Many years earlier, Dr. Vogel’s eldest son, Daniel, murdered his younger brother, Richard. Dr. Vogel put Daniel in an institution in England; one day, however, a fire broke out, killing Daniel and several other children. Or did it?

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 3

Dexter runs Daniel’s childhood photo through an age progression program. It’s a 97% match for Oliver Saxon – Cassie’s over-eager, ‘nice guy’ boyfriend. Apparently, Cassie had an (unknown) penchant for serial killers.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 4

Before Dexter can take Saxon down, however, Deb and Quinn scare him away with questions. The old team’s back together again, and Quinn impulsively takes things a step further, kissing Deb. They agree to never speak of it again…but really, what are the chances this will be the last of our favorite, screwed up couple?

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 5

And speaking of great, but screwed up couples…Hannah’s still in town, and there’s a federal marshal looking for her. A police detail is placed on Dexter’s house, in case she shows up, and when Dexter and Hannah visit her old friend Arlene (who has been storing half a million dollars in cash for her), the marshal pops up again. Dexter pretends that he and Arlene are the real couple, keeping the marshal at bay. Hannah realizes she can’t stay much longer; Dexter decides to leave Miami and meet her in Argentina with Harrison.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 6

Where’s the last place the feds would look for Hannah? At Debra Morgan’s, of course! Hannah even cooks dinner, which Deb reluctantly eats (trading out a few suspect morsels, of course). Deb tells Hannah that she’s been offered a job at Miami Metro, but that she can’t take it: “My brother’s a serial killer, and I have another one hiding out in my house, eating salad.” But Hannah is unconvinced; she’s never been able to take no for an answer, and she suspects that that’s one thing she and Deb might actually have in common.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 7

Either way, Deb may not be welcome back at Elway’s; her boss is furious when he discovers that Hannah was Dexter’s ex, and that Deb dropped the case because of it. She has the wrong priorities to be a PI; he needs someone who cares about the bottom line.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 8

Dexter and Dr. Vogel set up a meeting with the Brain Surgeon. Knowing that Oliver has installed spyware on Vogel’s computer, she writes a note, claiming that she’ll be at a cafe that they used to go to when he was a child. They’ll go together, Vogel decides, and bring him to a mental hospital.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 9

But Dexter won”t have it. Knowing that Dr. Vogel’s judgment is being clouded by maternal love, Dexter slips one of Hannah’s potions into her morning tea, knocking her out. He goes to the cafe alone, but Oliver spots him and slashes his tires. Dexter returns to Dr. Vogel’s house, knocking frantically on her door. What if Oliver thought that she set him up?

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 10

Vogel tells Dexter that she can no longer trust him. It’s “a family matter,” she claims, and Dexter walks out, more determined than ever to kill Oliver. Unbeknownst to him, the Brain Surgeon is in Dr. Vogel’s kitchen, and, now convinced that his mother had no part in Dexter’s scheme, the two share a meal.

Dexter "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" 11