‘Dexter’ Recap: “Monkey In A Box”

By September 16, 2013


You’ve come a long way, Dexter Morgan.

With one episode remaining, Dexter seems to be finally shedding his dark passenger. But even that has consequences…and they might be fatal for someone.


Dexter removes every trace of his history with Dr. Vogel from her apartment before calling in Miami Metro. Still in shock – Vogel was, after all, his “spiritual mother” and the woman who brought him and Deb back together – he numbly returns to his sister’s house. Dexter and Deb are both determined to take Saxon down in their own ways…but they’re not above cooperating to get there.


Of course, Dexter has less than 48 hours to bring down Saxon; Hannah’s already booked their flight. And Dexter has more than a few loose ends to tie up; he’s selling his apartment (with Sylvia Prado returning to be his realtor!) and his boat.


Hannah may need to disappear even sooner, however. Deputy Marshal Clayton is onto her, thanks to her emergency room slip-up. Deb covers for her, telling Clayton that she was the one who took Harrison to the emergency room, but the damage is done. Clayton is now convinced that Deb is in cahoots with Hannah, and he asks for Elway’s help confirming it.


Elway shows up at Deb’s and pushes his way inside. Hannah hides in the back room, and when Deb finally gets Elway to leave, she takes Hannah to a hotel by the airport. They share a surprising moment in the car – Deb finally seems to have accepted Hannah as Dexter’s girlfriend and Harrison’s new mother – before Hannah slips out of the car.


Oliver Saxon, meanwhile, is bolder than ever. He walks straight into Miami Metro, reluctantly agreeing to a cheek swab in order to clear his name in Cassie’s murder. But the DNA evidence is incriminating; pretty soon, all of Miami Metro homicide will know that he’s Vogel’s son.


Before that can happen, however, Oliver shows up at Dexter’s apartment under the guise of putting an offer on it. He tries to make a deal with Dexter; they can both walk away from this. But his threats further push Dexter over the edge; what he has to lose is not a neat, little cover life he’s built for himself…but his family. No longer is his life an act. Even his friends at Miami Metro are exactly that: real friends.


Dexter finds Oliver’s kill room in an old, abandoned sanitarium. He lifts the videos of Oliver’s kills from his computer and, in an effort to draw Saxon out, sends them to the local news station. Pretty soon, there’s an alert out for the Brain Surgeon; when Saxon sees his own face on TV, he is furious.


Deb arrives at Dexter’s for one last steak dinner. Dexter tries to send her away; his plans to lure Saxon to him don’t involve Deb getting caught in the cross-fire. She refuses to leave and, as Dexter serves as bait, seemingly fast asleep in his bed, Deb lies in wait. She grabs Saxon from behind; it looks like she’s decided to let Dexter have his last kill after all.


But will he? Saxon awakens in his own kill room, tied to the chair. But Dexter isn’t as keen on killing as normal; in fact, he wishes he was with his family instead. It’s a break-through moment for our favorite serial killer; his dark passenger has finally been overridden by a desire for something stronger: family and love. “You’re still gonna die,” Dexter tells a hopeful Saxon, “It’s just gonna be in the electric chair.” He stuffs a gag back in the Brain Surgeon’s mouth and calls Deb.


Much to Deb’s surprise, Dexter’s handing Saxon over to her. “You’ll be the hero of Miami Metro,” he tells her…but is it too good to be true? Clayton’s been following Deb, and his car is just outside. As Deb and Dexter hug goodbye, Clayton – who, apparently, hasn’t been watching the news – rescues Oliver from his confines inside the building. Of course, Clayton won’t be a thorn in anyone’s side much longer; as soon as he’s free, Oliver stabs him in the gut.


Deb rushes in, gun pointed at the notorious serial killer, but she isn’t quick enough. Saxon pulls a gun on her and, without hesitation, fires, hitting her side. She fires back as she goes down, winging his arm. As she lays, bleeding heavily, on the floor, she places a labored call to Miami Metro, asking for help. Dexter, meanwhile, is completely unaware; across town, he gathers Harrison and their luggage, preparing to embark on the next phase of his life. Hannah arrives at the airport, and Elway, who ransacked Deb’s place and found a travel website on her computer, is hot on her trail.