Dexter Recap: “Run”

By October 22, 2012

As Dexter digs himself a deeper hole with the serial killers in his life, Deb gains a semblance of understanding for her brother’s unusual hobby.

At the end of last week’s episode, Ray Speltzer got away, nearly killing Deb in his maze of death. This week, the cops are searching for evidence to put him away for good. With no DNA left behind and Deb’s eye-witness account obscured by Ray’s horned mask, it’s up to Batista and Deb to extract a confession from him. Noting the physical similarities between Ray’s victims and his own mother, Deb suggests a twisted, Oedipal theory that sends Ray reeling. He confesses to the murder…and to one regret: not killing Deb too.

Despite her win, Deb isn’t in the mood to celebrate with Dexter. If her recent experience has taught her anything, it’s that he’s a danger to those around him. Worse, Deb has been having dreams of bathing in blood, à la the Trinity Killer’s victims. When she asks Dexter about Rita’s death, he admits that she died because of his quest to take down Trinity…and his failure to do so right away. Questioning his fitness as a parent, Deb suggests that he send Harrison to live with Astor and Cody in Orlando. Dexter balks, convinced that he’s a good father…and that he won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Meanwhile, Issac and the Koshka Brotherhood seek out information on Dexter, even as Miami Metro Homocide continues to shut their strip club down on a daily basis. Deciding that they need a scapegoat to satisfy the police, Issac pays Alex the bartender a visit. Convincing him that his family back in the Ukraine will be well provided for–and that he will die either way–Issac forces Alex to write a suicide note confessing to Kaja’s murder. His minions hand the bartender a glass of vodka and a gun, and a sobbing Alex kills himself.

Back at the station, Hannah McKay comes in to cooperate with the ongoing search for her ex-boyfriend’s victims. Dexter tells her that Wayne’s last words before stepping into oncoming traffic were about her, and Hannah admits that she misses the way she felt around him.

Deb is soon greeted with terrible news; the cops who arrested Speltzer were taped using excessive force…and the judge has thrown out Speltzer’s confession, allowing him to walk. Deb is furious, and Dexter is given a golden opportunity to prove the importance of his less than legal method.

Batista and Quinn learn of Alex’s suicide and the team heads to his house to collect evidence. Issac watches from a distance as Dexter arrives, observing the man he now thinks is responsible for Viktor’s death. Inside, Quinn is convinced that the case is closed, but Batista thinks it smells like a set-up. Everything about it is, after all, too neat and perfect.

Back at the cemetery, Dexter slips into Speltzer’s mobile home. Speltzer catches Dexter and knocks him out, bringing him to a new maze, full of strobe lights and mannequins. Dexter barely manages to escape…and when he gets home, he decides to send Harrison to Orlando for a few weeks.

Issac breaks into Viktor’s apartment and pulls out a hidden photograph, revealing the pair posing together. Issac vows to avenge Viktor’s death, and we are left wondering exactly who the pair were to one another. Though I initially had Issac pegged for Viktor’s father, the fact that the photo was secreted away makes it much more likely that the two were lovers.

Deb attends the funeral of Speltzer’s latest victim, and the murderer himself shows up to gloat. Deb attacks him, and later admits to Dexter that she wanted to kill him…but accuses Dexter of visiting her only to prove a point. Dexter tells her that he will always be there for her, but Deb isn’t sure the reverse is true. In knowing his true self, too much has changed.

Dexter returns to the cemetery. Knocking Speltzer over the head, Dexter abandons his typical ritual. He stabs Speltzer with a wooden stake–a Vampiresque death befitting a cemetery groundskeeper–and pushes him into the incinerator. But Speltzer is not alone; Dexter’s box of bloodslides accompanies him.

Dexter steps outside, and Deb is waiting for him. She watches the smoke rise from Speltzer’s ashes, and admits to Dexter that she feels glad. When she asks Dexter what that makes her, he simply replies, “Human.”