Dexter Recap: “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”

By October 8, 2012

With the full weight of Dexter’s secret bearing down on her, Deb faces an unimaginable choice: whether to do her duty as Lieutenant and arrest her brother, or turn a blind eye to his crimes.

As it turns out, Deb does neither. Instead, she demands that Dexter move in with her, proclaiming herself his sponsor. In this episode, we see shades of season two; Dexter is in a program for his addiction, but this time, it’s truly tailored to his desire to kill.

Deb’s plans to watch Dexter like a hawk compromise his plans to break into Louis’s apartment and find out what the other man knows about him. Dexter manages to get away long enough to do so, but Louis comes home while he’s there. Furious, Dexter slams him against the wall and demands to know what’s happening. A terrified Louis reveals that, in putting down his video game, Dexter crushed all of his hopes and dreams, and he wanted revenge. Deciding he doesn’t actually know anything incriminating, Dexter releases Louis, but demands that he stay out of his life.

Dexter returns to the crime scene he slipped away from, a digging site where a convicted murderer has claimed he buried his victims’ bodies. Dexter asks his fellow killer what led to his change of heart, and the man claims that he always had a conscience, but he finally accepted his situation and wanted to do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Batista and Quinn continue to investigate the murder of Kaja, a stripper in a mob-infested club. Quinn pries information out of Nadia, another girl working at the club. This leads them to Kaja’s former lover, who gives up Viktor’s name, and is subsequently murdered by the mob boss visiting from Kiev.

Back at the station, LaGuerta learns that the blood on the slide does, in fact, belong to Travis Marshall. Moreover, when LaGuerta concerns the bloodslide to those used by the Bay Harbor Butcher, she discovers that they are a perfect match, reviving her suspicions that Doakes was never the true killer.

Apparently ignoring Dexter’s warnings, Louis shows up at his apartment, kisses Jamie, and informs Dexter that he’ll see him the next day at work. Fed up, Dexter drugs Deb’s food, allowing him to sneak out and kidnap Louis. Instead of killing him, however, Dexter pulls off to the side of the road and calls his ‘sponsor.’ Deb meets him, and tells him that she now believes he can change…and that their father was wrong.

Just when Dexter is catching a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, it is blackened by the prisoner’s suicide at the crime scene the next day. Realizing that the other man hadn’t changed at all–nor had he truly accepted living under constant watch–a shell-shocked Dexter worries that he won’t be able to either.