Dexter Returns With An Ominous Teaser

By April 8, 2013

Dexter’s coming back June 8, and, in his own words, “it isn’t going to be pretty.”

There aren’t any clips of the upcoming season, but watch this teaser, and listen to Dexter’s chilling message.

After a lifetime of struggling with his Dark Passenger, Dexter is starting to unravel. The neat monster is giving way to something more dangerous–something out of control–and too many people know his secret.

We’ve seen Dexter run the gamut for the past seven years. He’s straddled the line between demon and human, balancing the life of a serial killer with that of a family man. He’s lost people he’s loved, had moments of hope, fought to live by a code, and dragged his sister down with him.

Was there ever a possibility of Dexter ending well? If this indeed the final season, the ominous teaser might suggest a bleak ending for our self-destructing anti-hero.

Are you excited for another season of Dexter? Should this be the last one? And, if it is, how would you like to see it end?