Did Harrison Ford and the Official Star Wars Twitter Account Spoil ‘Star Wars the Force Awakens’

By December 4, 2015

I’m literally beside myself, folks. All of you out there in the Nation, if you don’t know me personally, will know soon enough after reading this — I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. I host GeekNation’s own Star Wars show #FarFarAway and write a lot of coverage here for Star Wars in general.

But now, I’m beside myself angry. You see, Harrison Ford was doing a Twitter Q and A talking The Force Awakens with the official Star Wars Twitter account posting his answers. Instead of flagging ONE answer in particular from Mr. Ford (he also should have known better but he’s also Han Solo so he can do what he wants) Star Wars Twitter took the quote, elaborated, misspelled some names, then sent it out into the world.

It absolutely RUINS one of the main plot points of the movie – most likely, a plot point that closes out the movie.

Because this is my job; because there are people who will, no doubt, want to know what exactly was tweeted/said, we decided to give an option to our readers. If you would like to know what the spoiler is – go ahead and CLICK HERE.

If you would like to remain spoiler free and go into the movie happily ready for an amazing time at the cinema, well then, you are done. No need to do anything else… except avoid the Star Wars Twitter account and, obviously, our outside link to the spoiler.

This is a dangerous time for you, Star Wars fans. Where you will be tempted by the Dark Side of the For– uh, Dark Side of the Spoiler Culture. I’m all for certain clues and what not, but not when it has to do with major plot points. Star Wars Twitter account should have known better. My two cents.

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Mark Reilly
Born a geek a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away - Tustin, CA - Reilly is a seasoned writer and producer with over twenty years experience in the film industry. He is the co-host of 'Far, Far Away' here on GeekNation as well as 'Meet the Movie Press' on the Popcorn Talk Network; which airs live every Friday morning at 9am pst. Tweet him at @Reillyaround
  • Supreme Leader Snoke

    I think everyone already knew that I’m really Jar Jar. No harm done.

  • Darth_Love

    Not sure how this completely spoils the film for you, since it’s something there have been a ton of reports about over the past year… At least they didn’t reveal who Rey or Kylo’s parents are, which has been the best-kept secret so far.

    • Didn’t say completely spoils film, just spoils a big part of it. It’s just this very passionate, Star Wars’ fan’s opinion. But I would have loved to have discovered the scene in question while comfy in my theatre seats.

    • Chad

      Yeah doesn’t seem spoilery to me. Anyone could be in a lightsaber fight scene with Kylo Ren lol.

      • Having a sabre tiff and having what Ford described [the way in which he described it] are two entirely different things. For the hardcore that doesn’t want to know about any actual scenes, this is a huge spoiler.

    • CptAwesome

      I don’t get how it’s a spoiler. It was in one of the trailers?

  • orphenshadow

    They are called Sabre’s….

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    it’s not a spoiler if they released it. Besides, if you have eyes, its in the trailer.

    • Not anywhere near what Ford said. All they show in the trailer is Ren holding a sabre up to Rey – NOTHING like what Ford described.

      • CurseofZodLovesMaude

        Finn is confronted by Ren… it’s a not a spoiler.

        • Again, had Ford said “confronted”, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          • CurseofZodLovesMaude

            the trailer cuts that part off. of course they fight… big surprise.