Director Michelle MacLaren Parts Ways With ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie

By April 13, 2015

Here we go again, darlings.

As Warner Bros keeps chasing them off as quickly as they hire them, seems like they really DON’T want a woman to direct the live-action film because, much like Patty Jenkins (Monster, “The Killing”) before her in 2011 for Thor: The Dark World, Emmy-winning director Michelle MacLaren (“Breaking Bad”) has also walked away from a live-action adaptation of a superhero — this one being Wonder Woman — over the dreaded “creative differences.”


Warner Bros was ALL about MacLaren (above) when they hired her back in November after looking (again) for the right woman to take the reins on this iconic superheroine with Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious franchise) in the titular role.  According to a statement released to THR earlier today, Warner Bros said that “Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans to develop and direct Wonder Woman together.”

I’m really peeved as this would’ve been MacLaren’s first feature film; the mere fact that MacLaren is not only a GREAT director (“The Walking Dead,” “Better Call Saul,” AND “Game Of Thrones”) — with tons of showrunning experience under her belt —  how much you wanna bet “creative differences” means “MacLaren wanted to present Wonder Woman as a STRONG female character and Warner Bros wants “less ‘female problems’, more T&A, and try not to make her look like a ‘power lesbian’?”

Because that’s what it’s smelling like to me right now. What about you?

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  • RichardRocks

    hmmm I sense there was probably a bad argument

  • SamanthaEspinoza

    definitely had to do with wonder woman being too sexualized, I could imagine that

  • MarkJCreech

    I find this to be pretty disappointing….. :/

  • Pat Rick

    maybe maclaren can’t handel sharing ideas and compromising

  • Aaron

    geniuses always have the hardest heads (at least thats how it seems)

  • dadopemann

    personally, my favorite female director of all time

  • JKeeldit

    noooo it needed her ):

  • RichieBlake

    sometimes the big guys are tough to deal with