Disney Buys LucasFilm

By October 31, 2012

Look out, ladies – there’s a new Princess in town.

In possibly the second most polarizing incident amongst Star Wars Fanboys/Fangirls since the release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, yesterday Disney and George Lucas confirmed the acquisition of LucasFilms by Disney for $4 billion and some change.

As sole owner of LucasFilm, Lucas will get 40 million Disney shares out of the deal and according to Bloomberg News, will become the second-largest non-institutional shareholder of Disney (second only to the trust of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs).

And although Lucas will indeed retire, he says he’ll stay on as creative consultant.

But hey, let’s hear about the sale from Lucas himself as he and Disney CEO Bob Igor sign the purchase agreement.

The sale doesn’t surprise me, seeing as Star Tours AND SW Disney ears (I own a pair) are readily available at Disneyland and the fact that Disney’s been actively pursuing this buy for the last year and a half, yesterday’s sale was inevitable. What scares me is not their plan to release Episode VII in 2015 but that they wanna churn out a film every other year.

Then again, as it was pointed out to me today by a friend and fellow fanboy, “With the right director it could lead to Harrison Ford coming back and killing off Han in the way Ford always wanted to.”

Like it or lump it, can’t change what went down. I say we strap in and see what happens next…

I know I’M ready.

(For full details on the Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm, here’s the official press release from The Walt Disney Co’s official website.)

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