Do You Want A Star Wars Theme Park? Disney Gauging Your Interest

By March 25, 2013

For the first time this past Christmas, I finally managed to get around to going to not only the state of Florida, but Orlando to visit beautiful Walt Disney World. Despite the trip being a bit rushed, it was well worth it… especially after getting to Hollywood Studios and even more-so getting to ride the fairly new and revamped Star Tours ride.

At any rate, it seems that Disney is currently gauging fan interest in an entire Star Wars park. Obviously, the SW superfan in me says “HELLS YES!” There’ve been rumblings since Disney purchased the rights to LucasFilms properties about Disney possibly expanding upon the current Hollywood Studios and making an entire section around Star Tours dedicated to the chronicles of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and the rest of the Star Wars Universe.

Walt Disney World in Florida is also an opportune place to build a possible Star Wars theme park, considering their competition in Universal Studios has their own Harry Potter park (with a second park being developed for Universal Hollywood.) What makes even more sense is the fact that Disney is forbidden from developing anything for one of their other huge properties in Marvel due to a contract that USF has prior to the Disney purchase.

Regardless, if a Star Wars park at Disney World comes to fruition, expect me to be at the front of the line, already with tons of SW-Disney swag.

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