The Strange & Mysterious Court Tales Of Stan Lee Media Vs. Disney

By February 6, 2016


This one is a mess. A long time ago, back in 1998 Stan Lee started a company called Stan Lee Media along with some folks that turned out to be pretty shady characters. The company had planned to ride the coat tails of Stan Lee’s revered name and new characters.

Long story short, things went belly up for various reasons and by 2000, Stan Lee no longer associated himself with it. Still yet, the company continued to do business and bear his name. (Because his name is Stan Lee and everyone loves him…..because Stan Lee)

What followed were a rash of lawsuits and in layman’s terms (my terms), a big, fat, stinky, mess. Apparently, the company (post-Stan Lee) tried to sue Marvel, Stan Lee, and now Disney (because they own the earth, at this point) for the rights to their biggest characters including X-Men, Thor, The Avengers, Spider-Man and basically everything awesome. They say Stan Lee sold them the rights to the characters for a large sum of cash and that they had the rights to use them now. The courts not only told them to take their ball and go home; but to drop off $500,000 in costs to Disney and Marvel on the way out.

Disney went to collect the large sum of cash (because, duh) and as it turns out the Company hasn’t any money left. Disney then went to collect the money from the company supposedly funding the litigation; a company called TAP-SLMI, owned by a Mr. Wolk, who is un-reachable by anyone, ever, due to an apparent illness. What a wild web we have spun. What a terrible pun attempt that was. (I was going for a Spider-Man thing?)

This whole issue has once again been brought to light due to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. (stop laughing, I’m serious!)

Apparently the co-founder of Stan Lee Media, Peter F. Paul got himself into some major legal trouble for being a major fundraiser for Hillary and at one point even trying to get Bill Clinton on the board of his company. Paul ultimately ended up serving a 10 year prison term in 2009 for fraud and apparently took a video of Hillary violating campaign finance laws in a conversation with Stan Lee himself, which is being brought up now because, you know that whole Presidential election thing. (It feels weird just writing this)

What a weird, twisted story this is. (thanks to Screenrant and Bleeding Cool for the info) Consider your need to watch terrible daytime TV court shows full of questionable characters and juicy drama fulfilled for the day. Or watch the hell out of Judge Judy and ignore your life’s responsibilities; it’s your life and I don’t judge. (Ugh, there I go again) Either way, stay tuned to GeekNation for any updates on this odd story.

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