Disney’s Live-Action ‘Peter Pan’ Movie Finds Its Director

By April 13, 2016

So at this point, can we just agree that the live-action adaptations are basically an untitled franchise for Disney? After Cinderella, Maleficent, Alice in Wonderland, and both The Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon this year, it seems like the studio’s latest endeavors are becoming more than just a growing trend nowadays. Not to mention all of the other live-action adaptations in development at the studio right now as well.

With Pete’s Dragon set to be released later this year, and The Jungle Book hitting theatres this Friday too, it looks like Disney has officially found the director for their live-action Peter Pan film.

According to a new report from Deadline, none other than Pete’s Dragon filmmaker, David Lowery, will be directing the newest iteration of the beloved story, which focuses the one boy who never grows up and his adventures in Neverland. The film will be based on a screenplay written by Toby Halbrooks.

After all of the other Peter Pan iterations that we’ve already seen onscreen, I can only imagine what might make this newest “reimagining” different than the rest. With that being said though, Lowery showed off an incredible and unique visual style in Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, something that I hope he’ll be bringing over into Pete’s Dragon later this year as well.

So if he’s planning on making a Peter Pan film under that kind of lens and style, then you can sign me up right now… Unfortunately, something tells me that might belong a little too far into the art house world for a Disney adaptation of Peter Pan. But who knows? I’m gonna go ahead and keep my fingers crossed for now.

The live-action Peter Pan movie is currently in development.

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