‘Doctor Strange’ Prequel Comic Reveals New Details About Movie’s Mystery Villain

By July 6, 2016

With Doctor Strange set to have a large presence at San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks, our first look at the movie’s prequel comic book has been revealed, and it offers some much needed insight into some of the film’s more unknown and mysterious elements. Most notably being the backstory of Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, the movie’s main villain who despite being seen in the movie’s vague teaser trailer, is still largely a mystery to fans.

Marvel Comics has released the first half of the prequel comic today though, with a majority of it centering purely around his character before the events of Doctor Strange, and the reveals should help to give fans a better sense of his place in the universe right now.

The first confirmation is that Kaecilius is a Master of the Mystical Arts, working with Wong, the Ancient One, and the other Masters in the comics. Written by Will Corona Pilgrim and Jorge Fornes, the story follows the Masters chasing down a rogue novice from their order, who has stolen a mystical staff that has the ability to swallow light and harness darkness. Clearly a higher-ranking member as well, Kaecilius goes after the novice by himself, and comes back defeated, before bringing the rest of the order with him to take the novice down.

Kaecilius wears attire that’s similar to all of the other Masters as well, though instead of weilding a staff like the rest of them, he wields two small scythe daggers:


What will be interesting to see, is what causes Kaecilius to go bad in the film, and judging by the burning eyes that we’ve seen in the trailer and from some set photos, it’s possible that the theories regarding him being a human host for Dormammu could be true after all.

With SDCC right around the corner now, and Strange confirmed to have a panel in Hall H as well, it’ll be interesting to see what footage or trailers are shown from the movie, and if it gives any more insight into what Kaecilius’ mission and role is in the film, including how Stephen Strange comes to fight against him. For right now though, learning more about his backstory and role in the Strange universe, should help to provide some nice set up to whatever it is we learn about him later on.

Doctor Strange is set to hit theatres on November 4th.

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