Burning Question Answered: Did The Doctor Light The Olympic Flame?

By July 28, 2012

Whovians around the world were holding their breath. For six years, fans of the British sci-fi series had hoped that David Tennant would make an appearance and light the Olympic Flame, just as he did in his role as the Tenth Doctor during “Fear Her,” a 2012 Olympic-themed episode that first aired in 2006.

Oh well. A spaceship never crashed into Big Ben, aliens never destroyed Downing Street, and I’m pretty sure the Daleks never invaded Manhattan. Similarly, although James Bond (Daniel Craig in costume!) and Mr. Bean made appearances, the Tenth Doctor was nowhere in sight. Neither, it so happened, was a normal cauldron (the kind Tennant’s Doctor lit). In a magnificently creative display, 204 copper petals were lit by seven young athletes at ground level, before being raised into a towering cauldron at the center of the stadium.

Of course, had events aligned with the episode itself, everyone at the Olympic Stadium would have vanished during the Opening Ceremony, and the previous torch bearer would have collapsed on his way to light the flame. Perhaps we should be grateful that science fiction was kept a safe distance from reality.

Despite the fact that there was no sign of the Doctor himself, in any incarnation (Matt Smith, the current Doctor, carried the torch in Cardiff earlier this year), Whovians were treated to the sound of the TARDIS materializing during the Opening Ceremony.

What did you think? Were the right people chosen to light the Olympic Flame, or were you holding out hope for someone else?