Doctor Who: The Doctor and Rose Go To The Olympics (Part II)

By August 4, 2012

Author’s Note: In 2006, Doctor Who debuted “Fear Her,” an episode based around the 2012 London Olympics. The following is a work of fan fiction, and is the second part of a series of short stories imagining the Doctor and Rose’s experiences at the 2012 Olympic Games.

“That—that was definitely more than a second,” the Doctor said with a frown.

“It did seem a bit long,” Rose agreed. “’Course, the whole thing feels like it’s takin’ forever…”

“Oi! Fencing is a very important sport, Rose,” the Doctor chided. “Saved the Earth in a swordfight, me. You remember—the Sycorax? In that bathrobe?” His brow knitted thoughtfully. “Very comfortable, that bathrobe. Wouldn’t mind wearing it again sometime.”

Rose grinned, her tongue planted firmly between her teeth. “Could ask my mum if she still has it. ‘Course, that would mean goin’ home t’ see her…” Her eyes sparkled impishly, much to the Doctor’s horror.

Anyway,” he said pointedly, eager to redirect the conversation back to a safer topic, “Probably should tell them. Superior time sense, me. Could calculate the extra time down to the yoctosecond.”

“Look—they’re appealin’ it,” Rose said, nodding toward the piste. Her face fell. “Which means we’ll have t’ keep sittin’ here even longer, yeah?”

“Welllll…” The Doctor tugged on his earlobe. “Could leave. But don’t you want to see how it ends, Rose? Oh, controversy…intrigue…Very exciting, this!”

Laughing, she bumped her shoulder playfully against his. “You’re just waitin’ for a chance t’ come to the rescue with that psychic paper of yours.”

He frowned. “Wellll…really should get it right, them. And I am a Time Lord. Need to keep an eye on these things, me.”

“You’re jus’ bored ‘cuz we haven’t saved the world in almost a week.” Rose smirked at him.

“Oi! I can stay in one place for three weeks without saving the world.”

She raised her eyebrows.

“Remember Plaroon? Er…no, no…wait…that’s not right. Well, there was Riconico…no, had to stop a group of crazy robots… Hmm.” He frowned.

Rose chuckled. “Maybe one of the judges is a Slitheen.”

“That would liven things up a bit,” the Doctor agreed. “Although…still quite a bit of drama right here.”

“Poor girl,” Rose murmured. “How long does she have t’ sit there?”

“Until they change their minds, I think,” he said. With a sigh, he laced his fingers through hers and waited.