Don’t Hold Your Breath For ‘Doctor Who’ Clara Spinoff

By October 17, 2016


It’s a bit hard to believe that in less than two months, it will be more than a year since we last saw a Doctor Who episode that wasn’t a Christmas special.

That emotionally heavy episode, “Hell Bent,” not only allowed fans to witness the return of Gallifrey, but also the companion we had just watched die two episodes before – Jenna Coleman’s Clara Oswald.

maisieme-101716The season ended, however, not with Clara going back to finish her death, but instead, grabbing her own Tardis with the immortal Me (Maisie Williams) and heading out to what we were all sure would be its own spin-off series.

Right? … Please? … Maybe?

Not so fast, Coleman told Radio Times.

“Yeah, I think there’s a bit of interest from fans there in particular. I mean, it’d be fun to do, but again, maybe some things are best left in the imagination.”

Getting such a spin-off series would also require not only fan interest, but the availability of the two actresses involved. And right now, they are both a tad bit busy.

Coleman, for example, just finished the first season of ITV’s historical drama Victoria, where she takes on the long-reigning monarch. Williams, of course, is still hard at work on HBO’s Game of Thrones. She also is one of the various names being bandied about for a new string of X-Men movies that’s still in the early development stage.

Coleman even deflated some hope she might make a return to Doctor Who in the near future, once the show returns to regular episodes next year. The biggest story hurdle would be the fact that The Doctor has forgotten her, to stop his obsession over saving her. But then again, the next season already has been produced, and once it’s done, current showrunner Steven Moffat is moving on.

That puts Coleman back into a place where she feels Clara got the kind of departure any actor could ask for.

“I loved the exit. I thought Steven did an amazing job. And I like leaving it, in a way, where in the fan’s imagination, she’s off in her own Tardis traveling. I wouldn’t want to unpick that in any way.”

Doctor Who is back in time for Christmas, while a new spin-off series, Class, will debut in the United Kingdom and Canada Oct. 22, but not in the United States until next year.

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