Drinking Quest, Drinking Quest 2 & Drinking Quest 3: Nectar of the Gods

By January 14, 2012

Ever wanted to combine your love for meads and lagers with an RPG character, fight like a viking (or whatevs) and get just as sauced IRL?

NO problem!

With Drinking Quest, you not only earn experience points with every battle; you gotta drink when you run out of hit points in order to survive!! And with four unique characters that have own set of strengths/weaknesses AND a “random quest system”, no two games will end the same (just like snowflakes…very drunk snowflakes)!

NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t like booze, you can chug yer Diet Mtn Dew or non-alcoholic drink of yer choice and still laugh yourself silly right along with everyone else!

On the game’s official website, creator Jason Anarchy offers some insight to the how’s and why’s of DQ!

Why would I play Drinking Quest over my usual game?

Drinking Quest is great if you have a special occasion like a birthday or bachelor party. Or if you just want to have a game night with no prep time. It’s also quite portable so you could even bring it out to the bar. There are a few leagues springing up. It’s a great alternative to the more hardcore RPGs out there.

How old do you have to be to play Drinking Quest?

If you want to play it while drinking then you should be legal drinking age. The humour is probably PG-13, it’s suggestive but not raunchy. It also works well as a parody of drinking and RPG culture so drinking isn’t 100% necessary.

How is it a drinking game?

After your character dies in the game, you down your drink to bring him / her back to life. There is a one drink per quest limit so it’s a drinking game you can actually finish! (But know your limits and drink responsibly regardless of the rules)

How is it an RPG?

You pick a character, have a character sheet, roll dice, buy weapons and armour and exist in a fantasy world called the DQniverse. You’ll find new takes on cliché RPG monsters and events as well some brand new creations.

So it’s a card game?

It’s more than a card game and less than a board game. You also get a pad of character sheets to keep track of Hit Points, Coins, Experience Points, Chugs etc. Plus you get three “Pub Green” dice. These are great dice too, they’ll make your nerd senses tingle.

If only drunken brawls like this happened IRL…t’would be hilarious.

For more info about Drinking Quest (including reviews and how to order a game of your very own), hit the official website. It’s worth it, trust me.

They’re even working on Drinking Quest 3: Nectar of the Gods and I can’t wait to check it out!

(Classic toast, means “to your health”)

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