DVD Reviews: The Avengers

By September 27, 2012

This week is all about THE AVENGERS! Well, not all of it, but easily, like, 94% of everything is about The Avengers this week.


Joss Whedon’s masterful culmination of Marvel’s six-film series (it follows Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America) holds up remarkably well to repeat viewings (amazing what clever screenwriting can do) finally hits home video, and most of you will be getting the 2-disc blu-ray/standard dvd combo that comes with a director’s commentary, several deleted and extended scenes, a pair of featurettes, a music video, and a smattering of other promotional goodies. Yes, I said smattering. If, however, you are a Target shopper, their Avengers Blu-ray comes with an exclusive 90-minute disc full of back-history on the franchise.

Nerdly note: 01:56:37 is where you want to hit pause/play if you want to see precisely why this movie will/should win an Oscar for special effects. What an amazing “tracking” shot that is.

On a similar, but sort of opposite wavelength, this week we also get a DC animation feature called The Dark Knight Returns, which is gaining some solid buzz among those who are especially geeky about the Gotham universe.


Similar to THAT, but also entirely different, is an all-new(!) feature-length Resident Evil movie. They all have interchangeable subtitles, and this one is called “Damnation.”

Anybody want to own the entire pre-Skyfall James Bond collection? I hope you saved some pennies up, because that 22-film Blu-ray set hits the shelves this week…

Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man is nothing like his previous film (the hardcore-nasty Martyrs), but it’s still a pretty creepy story, and it’s a nice change of pace for the adorable Jessica Biel. Another indie called Asylum Blackout is worth at least a rental from the horror freaks.


Seems like most of the big releases are avoiding The Avengers this week, which is smart, but we still have some nifty catalog releases like Arachnophobia, Zombie, and Maniac! Stock up for Halloween!

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