Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Rumored for ‘Jumanji’ Remake

By April 16, 2016

I know none of us are asking for a Jumanji remake. I know that. I know we all think the original 1995 classic film should be left alone, particularly in the wake of the tragic death of Robin Williams in 2014. I know all of this. But I also know that some things in Hollywood are inevitable, and the Jumanji remake is happening whether we like it or not. If they’re going to do it, the least we can hope is that they make it entertaining, and if this latest casting rumor turns out to be true it’s a big step in the right direction.

According to a report in Variety, Sony is getting close to making a deal with both Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to star in the film, which is set for release next summer. The two are coming off a strong showing as hosts for last week’s MTV Movie Awards, and their upcoming comedy flick Central Intelligence looks quite promising. No word yet on what roles either actor would be playing, and scheduling seems to be the biggest hurdle to overcome in trying to make this deal happen. Johnson is currently filming Baywatch, with Fast 8Rampage, and Shazam! to follow. There’s also season 3 of his HBO show Ballers to consider. After Central Intelligence, Hart is set to star in The Intouchables and The Secret Life of Pets. Finding time to get these two together will take some doing, particularly given Johnson’s schedule, but given the pedigree of both guys at the box office, Sony will be wise to strike while the iron is hot on this comedy duo. There’s no questioning the two have great chemistry together, so even though Jumanji will inspire plenty of “HOLLYWOOD IS OUT OF IDEAS BLAAAAAAAAH” from fans, having The Rock and Kevin Hart onboard could go a long way to silencing some of the protesters.

Jumanji will be directed by Jake Kasden and is set for release on July 28, 2017.

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