E3 2012 Wrap-Up part 2: Ninja Rocket Vampire Dog

By June 12, 2012

Continuing my wrap-up of E3 2012, here are my thoughts on some of the other most high-profile games presented at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Activision)

  • In a nutshell: A sequel to 2010’s Transformers: War for Cybertron, offering fast-paced, robots-in-disguise action complete with robust online multiplayer and countless fan favorite characters, lines, and story moments.
  • What we’ve been promised: War for Cybertron, but better in every way.
  • So far, the game looks like: What Transformers fans were hoping the movies would be like. You like the Dinobots? We’ve got you covered with Grimlock, voiced by Gregg Berger, the man who originally voiced the character over 25 years ago. You dig Optimus Prime’s blocky Generation 1 appearance? Alternate costume, fool. Do you dig having five robots combine into one bigass robot? Then sit back and let Bruticus do all the work, baby.

Scribblenauts Unlimited (5th Cell)

  • In a nutshell: The wildly successful Scribblenauts series makes it to the big (or at least, bigger) screen with its Wii U debut.
  • What we’ve been promised: Adventures in the same vein of previous Scribblenauts games, requiring clever use of the game’s ability to summon any object the player can think of. Online co-op will be available, and players can customize their own unique objects and beasts.
  • So far, the game looks like: A complete blast, although with the ability to create your own custom objects it makes me concerned that you’ll spend too much time perfecting your bizarre Ninja Rocket Vampire Dog instead of actually playing the game. One of the major draws of the first two Scribblenauts is that you had nearly unlimited resources with which to be creative, and you could do so quickly.

Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)

  • In a nutshell: An open-world game that lets the player hack things to cause car wrecks, screw with people, and gather information.
  • What we’ve been promised: A combination of stealth, hacking, and open-world freedom.
  • So far, the game looks like: Classy Grand Theft Auto.

DmC (Capcom)

  • In a nutshell: A reboot of the Devil May Cry series that offers the same fun of the previous games, but with the F-word thrown in once in a while.
  • What we’ve been promised: Stylish action-aplenty, and a huge variety of moves, weapons, and secrets to be found and mastered.
  • So far, the game looks like: Devil May Cry: Obnoxious Punkass Teen Edition. It’s not clear if Capcom’s drastic re-imagining of the beloved series is a genuine attempt to do something new and interesting with it or if they’re just throwing rocks at the wasp’s nests to see how many will come out.

Pikmin 3 (Nintendo)

  • In a nutshell: The player controls a horde of gentle, plant-like creatures called Pikmin and uses them to explore and cultivate the land.
  • What we’ve been promised: An expansion on the previous Pikmin games that utilizes the Wii U’s advanced tech and hardware to enhance the gaming experience.
  • So far, the game looks like: The sequel to Pikmin 2 that fans have been waiting for. Lush, HD graphics and the Wii U’s touchscreen controller are being utilized to bring Pikmin to a new level.

Lastly, to wrap up E3 I thought it appropriate to present you with this fan’s reimagining of the event. Behold, Michael Bay’s E3 2012!

What news out of E3 had you most excited?

Source of all images: Wikipedia.

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