E3 2015: Microsoft Hololens + Minecraft = WHAAAAAA?

By June 15, 2015

At this morning’s Microsoft E3 press briefing, one of the coolest things I’ve ever come across happened…and of course, Mojang’s Minecraft is involved. There’s no point in even explaining about this awesome new technology because you need to see it to believe it.

WARNING: Possible squealing with glee may (WILL) happen.

Well, this could be the flavor that finally makes me drink the Minecraft Kool-Aid – how about you?

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Cricket Lee
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  • Jane Keating

    I was transfixed in a mind-blown state the whole time I watched that.. That is just unbelievable. Coolest thing I have seen this year!

  • Mikey Silva


    could hardly believe what i was seeing! Mine-craft is the perfect game to showcase what a virtual reality set can do. I am so excited about the other games that this could be possible on, such as any of the Elder Scrolls games 😀

  • Daniel

    Cricket Lee, you still haven’t tried playing Mine Craft yet? well now would certainly be the time to give it a whirl 🙂

  • Lucas S

    I definitly think the Occulus is one of the best inventions of the decade. Gonna get one ASAP

  • Jason

    Mental! each year E3 blows my mind even more than the previous one, definitely have to go next year!

  • Mikey Silva

    even though I have played 100’s of hours of Minecraft, playing it on the MS hololens will be a whole new experience