E3 2016: First Screens from ‘Batman: The Telltale Series’

By June 13, 2016

Let’s get this out of the way now – I’m a huge fan of all things Batman. Sitting in my living room as I write this, I can see my signed copy of Batman #1, sitting in a glass display case along with my Jim Lee “Blue Line Edition” action figure that I purchased at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and a collection of strange little artifacts related to the Dark Knight. I have all of the Arkham video games, the Dark Knight Trilogy Collector’s Edition box set, and don’t even get me started on my graphic novels.

So with those credentials, it would make sense that I’ve been unreasonably excited for the storytelling masters at Telltale Games to bring their unique brand of interactive entertainment to the streets of Gotham. Batman: The Telltale Series has been in development for quite some time, but with a summer premiere date looming and the annual E3 conference currently in full swing, this feels like an excellent time to pull back the curtain and give fans their first glimpse of the game.

Telltale has released four screenshots from Batman: The Telltale Series, and the art style feels like a natural extension of the studio’s previous efforts in titles like A Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands, promising a style that will be “rendered to look like a living, breathing comic book.” See for yourself.

002_Bruce_Selina 003_Bruce_Batcomputer 004_WayneManor 005_Batcave_Batmobile

That description certainly seems to be accurate, but let’s be honest – no one is really playing a Telltale game for its visuals. The studio has made its mark by delivering incredible writing with narratives that branch out depending upon player choice, and always delivered by a stellar cast of voice actors. Batman: The Telltale Series will be no exception to that rule, and the confirmed cast – for now – includes Troy Baker in the role of Bruce Wayne, Travis Willingham as Harvey Dent, Erin Yvette as Vicki Vale, Enn Reitel as Alfred Pennyworth, Murphy Guyer as Lieutenant James Gordon, Richard McGonagle as Carmine Falcone, and Laura Bailey as Selina Kyle.

The idea of Troy Baker providing the voice of Batman seems a little strange, considering that he voiced The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, but he’s proven himself incredibly versatile with roles in other gaming titles such as The Last of Us, Uncharted 4 and Telltale’s own Tales from the Borderlands. No doubt Baker is keenly aware of the big shoes he’ll need to fill, and I imagine he’ll be up to the task.

We should find out more about Batman: The Telltale Series later this week, as the game is expected to be shown off to attendees at E3. Stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates about this title.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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