Elizabeth Banks Runs in Heels in ‘Walk of Shame’ Trailer

By January 16, 2014


Elizabeth Banks is, unquestionably, one very funny lady. She’s quirky and relatable and always willing to try something new in service to her work, and she’s certainly deserving of her own feature film to showcase those skills. Unfortunately, the upcoming Walk of Shame doesn’t look like it’s going to be that film.

In the Steven Brill film, Banks plays a rising young newscaster who gets the life-changing news that she’s in the running to become a network anchor (if you know anything about the news game, or if you’ve just watched a bunch of Anchorman, you know that’s a big deal), she just needs to get over to the studio and do her normal job for some network bigwigs. Easy, right? Too bad she went out raging the night before and is getting this news while whispering into her cell phone in the apartment of some guy (James Marsden) she just met the night before. And too bad her car gets towed! And she’s in the mysterious land known as “downtown Los Angeles”! And a series of misadventures befall her on the way to the studio! Mirth!

Like plenty of other films of its ilk, Walk of Shame appears to rely on mistakes, misadventures, and just plain bad luck to deliver its drama. The film clearly supposes that Banks’ Meghan Miles, a successful career woman, is too dizzy and dumb to think logically in the face of a few upsets. Again – the entire premise of the film is that Meghan is smart enough to land a massive job, but that’s she too dumb to get herself to work on time and without incident. Okay.

Yahoo! Movies has debuted the new trailer for the film, and it works quite hard to show a massive portion of the wacky twists of fate that befall Meghan on her way to work, but the energy of it is lethargic at best and the very assumption that Meghan can’t do anything sensible to work out her situation is weirdly distracting.

While we have little doubt that the film will try to explain away some of these weird gaps in logic, from why she doesn’t have her cell phone to why she doesn’t think to call up her friends to why she doesn’t seem to think Marsden’s character can help her out, but that doesn’t change the fact that the set-up of Walk of Shame is frisky, fun, and totally dumb.

Walk of Shame opens on April 25th.

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Kate Erbland
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