Emily Blunt In Talks to Lead Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins’ Sequel

By February 18, 2016

I’m still not sure why this movie is happening, honestly.

After announcing plans for their intended Mary Poppins live-action sequel, with Into the Woods director Rob Marshall set to helm the project, it sounds like Disney may finally have their eyes set on who they want to play the iconic, magical nanny created by author P.L. Travers. Turns out, they may be getting their first choice for the role after all as well.

Variety is reporting that Sicario actress Emily Blunt is currently in talks to play the iconic role, originally portrayed by Julie Andrews in the 1954 film. Though nothing is set in stone, and with a second baby on the way, Blunt’s scheduling and ambitions might conflict with the studio’s plan, the film is said to take place in a Depression-era London twenty years after the events of the first film, combining several storylines from Travers’ books and following the continued adventures between Poppins and the Banks family.

Blunt had already been rumored as the favorite for the role ever since September of last year, with Marshall in particular wishing to work with the actress again following their work together on Into the Woods, and also, she is Emily Blunt after all. There are very few things she does onscreen that don’t end up being spectacular, although I might argue that Into the Woods was one of them.

Honestly, she’d probably be the best person to play the role in the film as well, but as someone who loves the original 1964 film, and particularly Andrews’ Oscar-winning turn as the iconic character, I don’t know if I’d be able to separate the two performances all that well, or look at Blunt’s take with unbiased eyes. Out of all of the unnecessary sequels, reboots, prequels, and origin stories running around Hollywood right now, this might just be one of the most pointless.

The Mary Poppins sequel is currently in development.

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    “I’m still not sure why this movie is happening, honestly.”

    Because it will make money. What’s difficult about this concept?