Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 12/21/12

By December 21, 2012

In an oddly worded report, Jamie Foxx has claimed that as Electro in the new Spider-Man sequel, he will not be donning a yellow and green suit. Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D. series is looking for a fall 2013 premiere with a new cast member in the form of Nashville’s Chloe Bennett.

It was announced vie Twitter that Martin Scorsese will be directing a Bill Clinton documentary for HBO. For competitor Showtime, Ridley Scott is working on a new show about the Vatican, meanwhile his Prometheus writer, Damon Lindelof will not be returning for Prometheus’ sequel, Paradise. Prometheus’ star, Noomi Rapace, is being courted to co-star with Tom Hardy in Animal Rescue, based on a short story by Shutter Island scribe Dennis Lahane.                .

Alan Ball has a new series that will be premiering in January for Cinemax called Banshee, produced by House producer Greg Yaitanes. Speaking of House contributors, one day after announcing Hugh Jackman’s return to the world of X-Men, it was announced he will also be helping CBS to relaunch The Twilight Zone. The CW is developing a Robin Hood series and the much edgier FX has its sights set on an animated series to be produced by Danny McBride.

Hammer time! While it was announced that Captain Hammer himself, Nathan Fillion, will be tending to the Writers Guild Awards, there was also some sequel talk, alas not about Dr. Horrible’s, but Adam Goldberg’s Hebrew Hammer.

In the world of adaptations, a Game of Thrones scribe has been hired to adapt Prince, another fantasy series, for Paramount and, capitalizing on the success of The Hunger Games, the young adult sci-fi novel ‘Unwind’ is being adapted for the screen as well. Big screen veterans and Skyfall writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have been tapped to bring back Kojak, this time in the form of Vin Diesel.

In a bit more of genre news, Timecrimes and Extraterrestrial director Nacho Vigalondos has a new movie starring Elijah Wood and some footage has made it’s way online. Jack Black and his company will be producing the new comedy series Ghost Girls, for Yahoo! Walking Dead producer, and original genre girl Gale Ann Hurd is looking to adapt the ‘Gaiking’ anime series into a feature film, while Aubrey Plaza and John C. Reilly are looking to board the undead cash cow themselves with a “really fucked up” comedy. Legendary producer Roger Corman is also looking to tap into the horror market yet again, by revisiting some of the Edgar Allan Poe stories that helped him build his name.

Ben Affleck is a bit too busy and has dropped out of a project, but fellow politically minded actor Kal Penn is signing up for projects left and right. While James Franco is skeptical about his return to the world of Planet of the Apes, Eddie Redmayne is in talks to join Channing Tatum in the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending and Ricky Gervais is eyeing a spot in the Muppets sequel. Also, Jackie Chan is claiming he will be involved with Expendables 3.

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