Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 1/11/13

By January 11, 2013

Fox: My Lord, Fox is having quite the newsworthy week. While it is planning on a ridiculously Twin Peaks-y show with M. Night Shyamalan, it s also planning on going head-to head with Adult Swim on Saturday nights. As far as features go, they have also made a deal with Freaks and Geeks creator Paul Feig to helm several R-rated comedies.

Godzilla and Joseph Gordon-Levitt: While Joseph Gordon-Levitt is no longer on the table for starring in Godzilla and Aaron Taylor-Johnson definitely is, we will still have to wait for the revised script by former Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont. It was also revealed that Godzilla would not be the only monster in the film, and while Mr. Gordon Levitt will not be participating on the project, nor Guardians of the Galaxy, he is confirmed for the new Sin City sequel, which will also star Josh Brolin and Christopher Meloni.

Awards Talk: A lot of feelings were hurt when the Oscar nominations were announced, but unfortunately nobody got terribly excited about the nominations coming from the cinematographers, the directors, or even the British.

HBO: The premier pay cable provider is once again getting down to usiness signing all sorts of agreements and deals with very talented people. First off is a new comedy by Christopher Guest, who hasn’t really been heard from since his last feature, which was a break from the ordinary and most peoples’ standards of decency. Showrunner extraordinaire Ryan Murphy will be adding ANOTHER project to his plate with a filmed play adaptation starring Mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts.

Comics: While George Lucas was busy getting engaged, Guillermo del Toro said he was approached about directing a Star Wars film, but decided against it. He did however claim that his long-rumored supernatural anti-hero team-up at DC was very much in pre-production.  Y: The Last Man is also on a fast track to a theater near you, and James Mangold, who is helming The Wolverine, rest assured, seems to know what he is doing.

New Deals and Broken Ones: Christopher and Jonathan Nolan are likely to team up again  on a time travel-ish film, inspired by the guy that seems to have inspired Inception. The film was initially offered to the once again Oscar nominated Steven Spielberg, but he ended up turning it down, which is quite a shame, as his long-gestating Robopocalypse is now indefinitely postponed. On the bright side, it looks like Charllize Theron may be joining Robert Downey Jr. in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice adaptation, and one of Hollywood’s other sexpots, Brad Pitt, is circling a pretty juicy biblical role at Warner Brothers. Brad’s girl, Angelina, is looking for a new director for a similar project as well. In the meantime, Michael Bay is still doing Transformers trilogies, and he has cast a newcomer to star alongside weatherman Mark Wahlberg. Tyler Perry will have two shows on OWN, starting this year, and a Christmas film with Larry the Cable Guy to cap it off. Oscar snubbed John Hawkes will now be joined by Will Forte and Tim Robins in a sort-of prequel to Jackie Brown.  While Mark Romanek is out of Disney’s new Cinderella film, his former star Robin Williams is just signing on to a project. Former Heroes and Game of Thrones stars are teaming up. And, finally, Warner Brothers has assembled an insanely talented think tank on animated features, and Comedy Central is going ahead with tackling a Drunk History series.

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