Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 1/18/13

By January 18, 2013

Casting: While Louis CK lines up his first post-Woody Allen gig, teaming with Oscar nominee David O Russell on a now untitled project, which was formerly called American Bullshit, Russell’s newly Oscar nominated Silver Linings Playbook star, Bradley Cooper, is getting the honor of a Warner Brothers-built starring vehicle which will take him to 1915 Germany. Meanwhile, the reinvention of Matthew Lillard continues with his new deal that will team him with Carla Gugino and Patrick Stewart. Bona fide sex symbol James Franco has been cast as a real-life playboy hairstylist, and indie darling Paul Dano, the king of shrill, will, like it or not, be playing Beach Boys front-man Brian Wilson in a film. Al Pacino is once again teaming with Brian De Palma for his next biopic, this time about the recently disgraced Joe Paterno. Meanwhile the comic genius that is Jerry Lewis will be making the rounds yet again. Emma Stone is considering getting into bed with Gullermo del Toro on his next horror picture, and Kid Cudi has a need for speed. Betsy Brandt, widely known for playing Marie on Breaking Bad will be playing Michael J. Fox’ wife on his new NBC series, and We Bought a Zoo’s child actor Colin Ford is going to be starring in CBS’ Under the Dome series adaptation. Fans of The Newsroom might also be disappointed that the very talented Rosemarie DeWitt will no longer be appearing this next season.

SyFy Two-fer: Alphas fans should rightfully be disappointed at its cancellation, but everybody can soon look forward to a new Ron Moore series on the network, called Helix.

Awards Season: While the Golden Globes have now come and gone, there are still plenty of nominations being announced. Ryan Murphy lovers, GLAAD, announced their own this week, as well as the costume designers. The Writers Guild announced their New Media and Video Game nominees, and USC has announced their own Scripter finalists.

In Development: Avatar writer Laeta Kalogridis and My Bloody Valentine’s Patrick Lussier are scripting the new Terminator film, which has every intention of centering around California’s former governor. The Assassins Creed adaptation has also found a writer in the form of a young playwright, and Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, after the incredible I Love You Phillip Morris and the decent enough Stupid, Crazy Love, will once again be tackling a true story, this time around it’ll be about McAfee founder, John McAfee. Johnny Depp is producing a film about a magician who bonds with two children, scripted by the guy who recently adapted Nick Hornby’s  A Long Way Down, and the Rocketeer himself, Billy Campbell, will be treading ground similar to Long Way in a new independent romantic comedy. Wanted helmer Timur Berkmambetov is teaming up with Michael Bay to bring us all some assured aerial fight sequences, and MGM is planning an equally ambitious effort in bringing back Ben-Hur. Homer’s Odyssey is going to space, and the newly space-origined Ninja Turtles will start filming in April. While masters of Awesome, the Duplass brothers, have gained a distributor for their next producing project, South Park and Book of Mormon creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone now have their own production company, finally. Dylan Mcdermott will follow in the footsteps of Adrien Brody and Ryan Reynolds to continue the new trend of putting handsome men into tight spaces in ‘Freezer’. TNT is heading to San Francisco for a new crime drama from NYPD Blue co-creator Steven Bochco, and the news you were all waiting for, but didn’t even know it? Hot Tub Time Machine looks to be getting a sequel, although it’s a bit unclear if John Cusack will be around for it.

Random Bits: The Walking Dead has found its new showrunner, and once fellow showrunner JJ Abrams came out that he was forced to film Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D, for economic reasons. The new Die Hard film will be rated R, like it should be, and R rating courter Quentin Tarantino is looking to have his highest-grossing film yet. Cartoon Network is teaming with Netflix to bring you several 15 minutes long bits of bliss. And while the White House and Palpatine duked it out a bit online this week, Mace Windu himself saw it fit to read us a little bit of Taylor Swift.

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