Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 2/15/13

By February 15, 2013

Star Wars: Lawrence Kasdan talked shop in one interview, while he and Simon Kinberg spoke about the standalone films in a separate one. Miss Piggy and Yoda originator Frank Oz is claiming he is game to reprise Yoda if given the chance, and the biggest concrete bit of Star Wars news? Harrison Ford is returning as Han Solo for Episode VII. Yeah. It was mentioned on this video and if you want to skip ahead, try it at around 7:00.

Comics in Film: While DC keeps stumbling right along with whatever they’re doing to try and gain a foothold in Hollywood, Marvel is on point and one of their actors, the great Stanley Tucci, recently let slip that Hayley Atwell may just be in the Captain America sequel, although he’s not so sure about himself, and Oscar nominee Jeff White, who did effects on The Avengers talked a bit about Marvel’s other Phase 2 projects. Now, once again, these next few will not be done by Disney, but they are Marvel properties nonetheless… let’s get to it shall we? Felicity Jones has joined Spider-Man 2, although her role is being kept under wraps, and with Bryan Singer’s Days of Future Past rolling ahead and bringing back old faces, two alum popped up. On Halle Berry’s end, things are a bit uncertain, and regarding Alan Cumming? We have a chance. Confirmed, however… and this is awesome… is Peter Dinklage. You may proceed to scream with glee, I know I did.

Scorsese and Other Directors: Martin Scorsese has attached himself as an executive producer on two titles. The first, Malavita, is a mob comedy by Luc Besson, starring Scorsese’s once-regular Robert De Niro. The second is the far more promising Revenge of the Green Dragons, from Andrew Lau, the guy who did Internal Affairs, the three-parter that Scorsese’s The Departed was based on. Last year, once again with the assistance of Scorsese, Daniel Espinosa’s Easy Money (originally titled Snabba Cash) came out in the states alongside his American debut, Safe House. His next big project looks like it might be an adaptation of John Grisham’s latest novel. Scorsese fan Quentin Tarantino has promised veteran Italian director Enzo Castellari that he will be making an appearance in his new western, at the moment titled ‘Badlanders’.

Film: Since Willow Smith’s departure from the Annie re-imagining, they’ve been in need of a replacement, and while I’m still 100% rooting for Rachel Crow from the X-Factor, it seems the producers are at least looking at recent Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis. Homeland’s (spoiler alert) recently deceased David Harewood is going to star in a Paul Robeson biopic. Amanda Seyfried is eyeing a part in Seth MacFarlane’s new western, Sandra Bullock is in talks to play the villain in Minions, and Helena Bonham Carter is looking to play Elizabeth Taylor in a new film. Hugh Laurie is gearing up to play the villain opposite George Clooney in Brad Bird’s Close Encounters-like Tomorrowland, while Albert Brooks is reprising his role for Finding Nemo 2. David Ayer has sold a tank script for one million dollars, so… good for him, and Dead Snow, the Nazi Zombie movie from a while back? It’s getting a sequel. Also, The Incredible Shrinking Man is getting a reboot, thanks to MGM. I’m actually very excited about that. Something to not get terribly excited about? Dickens, re-imagined and awful.

Television: Another relative unknown has been cast in CBS’ Under the Dome adaptation, but far more interesting perhaps, is the casting of Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris as well. The show will debut June 24, and it was also recently revealed it would be free for streaming on Amazon 4 days after its initial premier. While Norris’ AMC career, at least for now, seems to be ending, Peter Sarsgaard is just beginning his, on the third season of the revived The Killing. Also, Rupert Grint, known to most as Ron Weasley, is headed to American television with a new comedy.

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