Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 3/1/13

By March 1, 2013

Comics: Del Toro is still keeping things under wraps for his Justice League Dark adaptation, but rest assured things are chug-chug-chugging right along. Keeping with the secrecy bit, Bryan Singer is still not confirming who Peter Dinklage will be playing in Days of Future Past, but we can all sleep a bit easier knowing he won’t be enhanced by CGI. Matthew Vaughn is bringing his sizable genre creds and producing talent to the Fantastic Four reboot, while his Charles Xavier, James McAvoy is circling a starring role in the reboot of The Crow. Mr. Refn’s Button Man adaptation just picked up a Black Lister to work on the script, and Joss Whedon claims that since he cannot make Avengers 2 any bigger, he’s going to make it better. Laura Ramsey has been cast in NBC’s Sixth Gun series adaptation, and Chris Cooper is stepping into the shoes of Norman Osborn, formerly filled by Willem Dafoe.

Film: Unfortunately for the lately-lacking-in-credible-fare Bruce Willis, Joel Carnahan didn’t feel the actor was a fitting lead for his Death Wish adaptation, resulting in Carnahan’s departure from the project. Oscar loser Quvenzhane Wallis is making another splash in Hollywood with her casting in the Annie re-imagining, while Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is having a song written just for her in a new musical. Tom Hardy, while developing a project that will tackle PTSD, is going to be joined by newcomer Matthias Schoenaerts in Animal Rescue. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is gearing up in a big way, which has led to the casting of Gary Oldman and Kodi Smit-McPhee in principal roles. Tom Shadyac is looking to return to features after that strange little documentary… the film in question? An adaptation of The Intouchables, with Colin Firth looking to star. Universal is looking for feasible ways to do another Jack Reacher novel while Ray Winstone is talking about Aronofsky’s Noah. Dane Cook is going to headline Disney’s Planes, Juliette Binoche may be in Godzilla, Ed Helms is following in his father’s footsteps by taking his family to Wally World, Emma ‘Hermione’ Watson still may be Branagh’s Cinderella, while Daniel ‘Potter!’ Radcliffe is eyeing a role as Igor for Max Landis. Paul Bettany is probably going to join Johnny Depp in Transcendence, and Angelina Jolie has hired the Coens of all people to rework her WWII-set drama.

Television: Boardwalk Empire has added the always deserving Ron Livingston and the long-promising Brian Geraghty to its fourth season as regulars. And while Netflix cries for more Arrested Development, ABC has hired the immensely talented Will Sasso to star in a new pilot, while also tackling a miniseries adaptation of the Oscar-nominated How to Survive a Plague. Also, Jimmy Smits and Donal Logue are returning to FX, while Kathy Bates is setting up camp at American Horror Story. On a wholly related note, Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter has been tapped by FX to develop a show that seems like a hybrid between the previously mentioned FX flagships…

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