Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 3/29/13

By March 29, 2013

Comics and Toys In Hollywood

Robert Redford is in talks to play a SHIELD higher-up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Meanwhile, UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre has been cast in the same as Batroc the Leaper. The scoop also mentions that Redford has officially signed on for the film, as was speculated in the last link, but to my knowledge that is not a fact.

Deadpool writers Rhette Reese and Paul Wernick claim that their script is the pinnacle of everything they could ever possibly produce with their abilities and are still hopeful that it will one day see the light of day.

Matthew Vaughn’s Secret Service’ adaptation now has a release date, and it is November 14, 2014.

Adi Shankar hit up Reddit to address fan concerns over Dredd 2 and claims that the odds of a feature length sequel are a bit low.

Relatively fresh faces Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard and Noel Fisher will be playing Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo, respectively in the new Michael Bay directed Ninja Turtles film. They join Alan Ritchson, who was previously announced as playing Raphael.

John M. Chu is having a lot of fun and experimenting on the new Masters of the Universe film.

Bates Motel regular Nicola Peltz is confirmed as the female lead in the new Transformers 4.

General Film

Fred Savage is circling directing duties on Charlize Theron’s Ladies Night.

Director Gerardo Naranjo, who directed the widely acclaimed Mexican film Miss Bala has replaced Joe Carnahan on MGM’s Death Wish remake.

Forest Whitaker is the latest person to take over producing duties on that Richard Pryor biopic we still may never see.

The sequel to Monsters is well underway and has a shooting schedule of approximately 6 weeks.  Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry on Game of Thrones, is starring in the film which will shoot in Jordan and Detroit and takes place some time after the original’s events. It is being directed by Tom Green, and no, he’s not the one you’re thinking of.

Christopher Nolan has sent an offer to Matthew McConaughey to star in his next cinematic extravaganza, Interstellar.

Nolan’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister, has added another stellar cast member to directorial debut Transcendence, and it is Kate Mara.

The adorable Judy Greer will be playing the lead female ape in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Lynn Shelton’s dark comedy, Laggies, looks like it may have Sam Rockwell, Anne Hathaway, and Chloe Moretz joining the cast.

JK Simmons and Chris Elliot have joined the cast of the still untitled new Hugh Grant romantic comedy by frequent collaborator Marc Lawrence.

Because it wouldn’t be a successful sequel/reboot if it didn’t star the original parents, the new Vacation film has officially cast both Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo.

David Ajala has joined the Wachowski siblings’ Jupiter Ascending.

The New York Daily News claims that both Tom Hardy and Jason Statham are in contention to play Snake Plissken in the new Escape trilogy. Although the insider cited is apparently unaware that Hardy already has Mad Max in the wings, so… we’ll see how reliable that is.

Bruce Campbell has a feeling that if Evil Dead 4 does get written, it will in fact be more like Army of Darkness 2, which seemed like an obvious conclusion, but hey… that might have just been me…

David S. Goyer is being a bit coy about Lex Luthor and Jimmy Olsen in an interview with I Am Rogue. He also briefly speaks about minor contributions to Godzilla and the stalled Invisible Man project.

17 years later, we’re looking at two Independence Day sequels that will show us a new generation of heroes, wormholes, and more Bill Pullman. Director Roland Emmerich has more…

Television and Streaming

Alongside his still in-progress novel, Charlie Kaufman is setting up a show, How And Why, at FX and will write and direct the pilot. They are also filming a limited series based on Fargo.

Amazon has confirmed another pilot, Betas, has been added to their slate. Betas is well into production and is set in Silicon Valley.

The Wachowski’s “global tale of minds linked and souls hunted,” Sense8, is coming to Netflix in 2014.

Rob Huebel has been cast in CBS’ pilot, Jacked Up, where he will play best friend to the always brilliant Patrick Warburton.

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