Entertainment News: The Week in Recap 8/9/13

By August 9, 2013


Time Lords, Anime and Comics

Peter Capaldi, long rumored to be the next Doctor, has in fact been announced as just that.

Samuel L. Jackson has taken the role of the main bad guy in Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service.

The Akira remake is back on the table and off the shelf with the same director as before, a new vision, and with it, a new budget.

With a script still very much in the works and no formal offers being made, we have been given a list of names that Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder are looking at that might better define our next Bruce Wayne – at least for now.

In a little piece on Kevin Feige and Marvel, the President of Production let drop that besides three mystery projects over the next several years, Marvel has plans that extend all the way to 2021.



Sylvester Stallone hit up Twitter to announce the departure of Bruce Willis from Expendables 3, and his replacement in the form of Harrison Ford. In a follow-up Tweet he accused Willis of being both greedy and lazy, which was his way of saying he wanted 4 million dollars for four days work, instead of his 3 million offered.

Meryl Streep has signed on to play the chief elder in the upcoming adaptation of The Giver, with offers also going out to Alexander Skarsgard and Cameron Monaghan for supporting roles.

The always-awesome Sam Rockwell is in early talks to play Rosemarie DeWitt’s husband in the upcoming Poltergeist remake.

Larry Charles has nabbed Book of Mormon and “1600 Penn” star Josh Gad to star as Sam Kinison in a biopic based on the late stand-up’s life.

Judy Greer may be reuniting with George Clooney for Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland.

Hugh Grant is joining Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer in Guy Ritchie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

UFC’s Ronda Rousey is the first new addition to the Fast 7 team.

Never one to be pinned down thematically, Ang Lee has made his next project some sort of 3D epic that will look at the world of boxing in the ’60s and ’70s.

Christopher McQuarrie took to Twitter to let us know that it is official: he is on board to direct Mission: Impossible 5.

With Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci returning to write Star Trek 3, it looks like they may have a director in the form of Rise of the Planet of the Apes helmer Rupert Wyatt, who is a “lock” for directing duties.

The always interesting Tarsem Singh has found his next directorial effort in an apocalyptic thriller called The Panopticon.

Because…sure? “Chicken Soup for the Soul” has had its film and television rights purchased and Brandon Camp is at work on a feature-length screenplay.

Steven Spielberg has dropped out of the Bradley Cooper-starring American Sniper.

Jeremy Renner is heading back to the land of Bourne, and Universal has hired a writer to begin work on it.



Ron Moore’s Outlander has just upped the nerd cred by casting “Game of Thrones” star Tobias Menzies in two roles in the time travel mystery.

Billy Bob Thornton has been cast in FX’s Fargo miniseries as Lorne Malvo, who will be shaped on Peter Stormare’s character in the original.

The incredibly sexy Alexandra Breckenridge will be returning to American Horror Story next season, in the arc titled Coven.

Sam Underwood, current chum of Dexter Morgan on “Dexter,” will be joining the cast of “The Following” as a regular in season 2.

Tom Sizemore may finally be looking to gain back a little credibility, and in doing so, has been cast in Sundance’s The Red Road.

Sorry Seth, but Ellen DeGeneres has taken back hosting duties for next year’s Oscars.

Magic City, which stars Danny Huston and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will be airing its finale this week and has officially been cancelled by its network, Starz.

Producers have scored the Fantastic Four reboot writer Jeremy Slater to reshape their Exorcist series that was pitched a while back to no avail, so we’ll see what he can do with it.

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