‘Episode VIII’ Director Rian Johnson Worked on The Newest ‘Star Wars’ Novel

By April 26, 2016

While production on Star Wars: Episode VIII continues to move along steadily, Disney and Lucasfilm are preparing to release (through Del Rey) yet another new Star Wars novel in Claudia Grey’s Star Wars: Bloodline, which is supposed to reveal some interesting details about the events preceeding The Force Awakens, specifically in the forming of the Resistance and the First Order.

It turns out that Grey got some interesting input and story ideas from none other than Episode VIII director, Rian Johnson, too, which should make this upcoming novel some major mandatory reading for any Star Wars fans out there… in case you know, you weren’t already planning on picking it up next month.

According to a new report from StarWars.com, Johnson developed and introduced several story ideas and elements in the novel, which will tell fans why exactly Princess Leia decided to leave the Rebellion from the Original Trilogy and form the Resistance, along with “who was there with her from the beginning.” The report also states that the story will be packed with hints (and more than hints) regarding “what’s up with the players who are working to build the First Order and what they want.” Does this mean we may learn more about the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke? We can only hope.

That’s not all though because the report also goes on to state that the Darth Vader head on the cover of the novel isn’t just for show, and that the galaxy will find out a “scandalous secret” which leads to the kind of fallout that fans won’t want to miss. If I was a betting man, I’d say it probably has something to do with the public finding out Vader’s true identity, and that Luke and Leia (or maybe just Leia) are his kids. In case the whole Bloodline title wasn’t enough of a hint.

At this point though, I think fans will do anything they can to learn as much about Episode VII as possible, and if Johnson was involved in creating some of Bloodline‘s story elements, then that has to mean that there will be parts of the book that play into Episode VIII‘s story, and some of the revelations it’s rumored to contain.

Just the idea of learning more about the creation of The First Order and possibly some new information regarding Snoke, The Knights of Ren, or even General Hux would have been enough to get me excited for this novel if I’m being honest though. The fact that Johnson himself was involved in the creative process behind it, just makes it all that more important of a read.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will be released on December 15th, 2017, while Star Wars: Bloodline will hit the bookshelves on May 3rd.

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