Ernie Hudson Talks ‘Ghostbusters 3’ at the Saturn Awards

By June 27, 2014

Ernie Hudson has a film called Nerd Love on his IMDB account. He can’t remember what it is because he works so much, but to me, that just adds to his charm. I’ll say it right now: Winston Zeddemore is my favorite Ghostbuster. Favorite. Hands down. I got a chance to chat with Hudson on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards last night and he was gracious enough to ignore my idiotic grin and talk to me about the possible third Ghostbusters film.

Though he told TMZ back in February after Harold Ramis’ death, “Well there can’t be another Ghostbusters without Harold. It will be a Ghost-something, but it won’t be… That was always my fear – that something would happen before we all got together.” But now it sounds like the sequel is definitely happening. Check out what he had to say.


GeekNation: Do you ever get tired of Ghostbusters questions?

Ernie Hudson: No, I never get tired of Ghostbuster questions! It’s the one movie that everybody totally loves. Older people, little kids, babies — everybody loves Ghostbusters. And I’ve done so many movies that only one group likes. Basketball Diaries the kids love, but older people didn’t get it. So it’s nice to have a movie that everyone is into.

GeekNation: I really want there to be another one!

Ernie Hudson: I hope so! I saw Ivan Reitman at the premiere of Draft Day, and he gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that it’s definitely happening, so — I see no other reason for him to whisper in my ear, so I’m going to trust that this is happening and it’s true.

GeekNation: I am so happy right now! So, what would you like to see happen in a new Ghostbusters film? I don’t know if you saw the first script…

Ernie Hudson: I saw a script long ago, but it’s been forgotten. I’d love to see Winston become the head of the organization and let somebody else go out on the goofy calls, and he just sort of directs traffic. He’s older now! [laughs] But I might be the only one who can still put on a backpack! Just teasing!

Hudson is doing a lot of public speaking these days, but you can see him next in the film You’re Not You with Hilary Swank, Marcia Gay Harden, Josh Duhamel and Emmy Rossum.

Are you excited about a third Ghostbusters film? Let us know below!

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Jenna Busch
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  • Darth Slacker

    NO, I am NOT Excited. Not even a little. It’s not the 80’s anymore and “Ghostbusters 2” sucked butt. Lets face it, this is more about giving Dan Akroyd an excuse to be relevant than the need to tell another story. I’ve had to see “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” ruined with modern additions (full of Political Correctness & softend for kid size audiences)- STOP RAPING my Childhood Hollywood. Invent NEW STUFF!! Hey Baby-Boomers why not regurgitate some of your own Nostalgia? Why are your movies, icons, & memories so sacred?

    Why not “Casablanca” or “The Graduate” or “The Godfather” remade with Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, George Clooney, Anna Ferris, & Angelina Jolie? – what? C’mon Lets make a sequel to “Gone with the Wind”? staring Denzel & Scarlett Johannsen – Do It Hollywood, Make it 3-D for no reason & add a Happy Meal tie-in, who cares what the older audiences think- what do they know? You’ll rape any material to get the 18-35 crowd into a seat right?

    It’s starts with a “”Ghostbusters 3” and by the end of 2015 we have a Modern “Back to the Future” and a Politically Correct “Goonies” rip-off, where does it end? Are so afraid to gamble a NEW Franchise(s) Hollywood. Japan cranks out 15-20 NEW Anime series 4 seasons a year! You’re wasting time & money on a sequel that is known for ending the franchise in 1990? Again, this is just another excuse for Ivan Reitman & Dan Akroyd to have an ‘easy film’ and get paid for something people will regret watching after it’s finished.

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