Exclusive: Tye Sheridan Reveals How Faithful the ‘Ready Player One’ Film Will Be

By April 28, 2016

Arguably, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is one of the most beloved novels of the past decade. Taking place mostly in a virtual world known as OASIS, and following a deadly treasure hunt that hinges on its characters’ knowledge of 80s pop culture – the novel and story was easy for readers to latch on to, and especially so for readers who are as in love with the 80s trivia as the novel itself seems to be.

Which is probably why some fans of the novel were worried, when director Steven Spielberg revealed that there would be changes made to the pop culture references in his 2018 film adaptation, in order to avoid, in a sense, referencing many of the films made by himself. It seemed like the movie might be removing one of the most integral, unique, and beloved aspects of the book.

I recently got the chance to sit down with the star of Ready Player One though, Tye Sheridan, and I asked him specifically about that, and about how faithful of an adaptation fans can actually hope to see on the big screen. Check out the small excerpt from our interview below:

I really want to ask you about Ready Player One. How familiar were you/are you with Ernest Cline’s novel? Have you read it?

“Yeah, I’m reading it right now. I hadn’t read it before…. Did you read it?”

Yes. I love it.

“It’s great right? I’m almost finished with it.”

Well, I wanted to ask you this as a fan, because I know that Steven Spielberg said there would be changes made to the pop culture aspect of the book. How faithful is the film going to be?

“It’s faithful. It’s very much a homage to the 80s and that era. You know you can just tell that Ernest Cline is just such a film, video game, everything buff, and he just loves the 80s, and it’s all incorporated into the book, and I love the world that he creates, and he’s such a visionary, and yeah, that translates into the film. But reading the book now, it’s so hard to condense like 300 pages into a an hour and a half, two hour movie. It’s a big movie, and the arc is pretty incredible. But all the big beats in the book, they’re all hit in the script. It is such an homage to it.

But you know what I think is added is there are much more, like you know the scene in the book where he gets through the first gate and he has to recite/reenact all of the lines from the Matthew Broderick film, and he’s just trying to figure out what the challenge is? There’s a lot of that in the film, and there’s much more references to the like early 80s, late 70s. It’s cool man and the vision behind the film – I haven’t been totally filled in – but I’m just as excited and intrigued as you are to see what they’re gonna do, and I mean who is better to do it than Mr. Spielberg? It’s an honor to be a part of the project, and to represent it.”

So it sounds like Ready Player One will be more faithful of an adaptation than even Spielberg himself seemed to hint at several months ago. With a stellar cast packed throughout the film as well, including Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Simon Pegg, Ben Mendelsohn, and more – it’s shaping itself up to be one of the more unique book adaptations in the Hollywood system right now, and a welcome return to the sci-fi world for Spielberg. So basically – get excited Ready Player One fans.

Ready Player One will hit theatres on March 30th, 2018.

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