Ezra Miller Talks About ‘The Flash’ In This Justice League Featurette

By January 20, 2016

Last night’s CW event Dawn of Justice had the goods. Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns introducing clips of each Justice League character and talking about their origins was a smart way to introduce new fans to characters they may not know. The Flash isn’t one of those characters considering how popular the current television series is. This isn’t the same Flash however; at least not the same guy playing the part.

Lots of fans hated the idea that we weren’t going to get the CW version of the Flash in the movies. Instead Ezra Miller was cast as the movie verse version of Barry Allen and here he is talking about the character in this Flash featurette:

Nothing most people didn’t already know about the character but it is something to finally see the actor talking about it. What’s strange is watching Kevin Smith act like he’s surprised to find out this basic information about a superhero. That’s like Betty Crocker acting like she’s never seen butter before. (Stange analogy, I know.)

Are you guys ready to see Ezra Miller take on the character or would rather see Grant Gustin from the television show? What about Green Arrow? Sure, he hasn’t been announced as a part of the movie verse at all. Still hard for me to imagine someone other than Stephen Amell playing the hooded one after all this time. What do you think? Stay tuned to GeekNation for more Justice League!!!

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Mike Holtz
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