Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 5 Review! “Love and Other Acts of Courage”

By July 9, 2012

Things are finally starting to happen as we hit the halfway point of Falling Skies season two. “Love and Other Acts of Courage” threw a curveball into the game with a plot point I certainly didn’t see coming. The episode was fast paced and on task. The show keeps improving as it progresses; hopefully, the momentum of this fifth episode will carry on and keep on increasing throughout the rest of the season.

Beware spoilers below!

Here’s what happens in a nutshell:

The episode opens with our old pal Red Eye (skitter) standing on the top of a building calling out a battle cry. Ben’s spikes start to glow, then he runs to the roof and falls to his knees.

Then it jumps to an explosion close to the 2nd Mass. They investigate the site finding a lot of dead and crispy skitters and determine that the explosion was skitters fighting skitters. They find Rick underneath a dead skitter and rescue him. (Who the hell is Rick? I missed some of the first season and I don’t remember him being in season 2.) Hal tells Tom about Ben’s recently glowing spikes.

Once back at camp, Rick leads the team back out on a search for Ben, and find him guarding Red Eye. Red Eye tries to explain that they are fighting the same enemy, but collapses from injuries. Tom convinces his group to take Red Eye as a prisoner rather than kill him.

Back at camp again, Ben explains that there is a skitter rebellion going on and Red Eye is the leader. Red Eye talks to Tom about how his planet was once like Earth until the higher ups ruined it. Now they’re trying to destroy Earth and he doesn’t want that to happen. Red Eye proposes that Tom joins the rebellious skitters and survive, or fight alone and die.

Captain Weaver reveals a very infected leg wound (from previous episode) to Dr. Glass and later gets a shot of medicine to help.

Maggie, Hal, and a few others scavenge hospitals for supplies, finding one with beds, tons of meds, and medical machinery. Hal kisses Maggie, then she runs off upset. She says the usual stuff about how they can’t be together and his feelings have to stop. On the way back to the camp, they run into mechs en route to attack the 2nd Mass. camp. Maggie gets injured and Dr. Glass saves her. Hal tells her he needs her and they share a sweet moment.

While Tom is talking to Red Eye, Weaver busts in on them and tries to kill it. Red Eye escapes, and Rick jumps in front of a shot gun blast and dies. (Again, who the hell is Rick?)

The 2nd Mass retreats to the fully equipped hospital Hal and Maggie found. They get the electricity on and Dr. Glass and Tom find a room together. Ben tells Matt he has to go away to help Red Eye, he just doesn’t know when.


  • Opens with excitement and urgency!
  • Stuff actually starts happening.
  • Hal finally making a move on Maggie.
  • Tom and Dr. Glass finally hooking up.
  • Skitter rebellion plot.


  • There was a lead up to a big mech/skitter attack on the 2nd Mass. but nothing ever came of it. They retreated before the aliens could get there.
  • Same old junk of Maggie saying she can’t be with Hal, which is a tired trope that was beaten to death by the Sam/Diane crap in the ‘80s.

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