‘Fantastic Beasts’ Leak Reveals the American Versions of the Hogwarts Houses

By May 11, 2016

Aside from just returning to the Wizarding World onscreen for the first time since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them offers Potter fans the opportunity to also venture into a previously unexplored time and region of the fictional world as well. In this case, the time being the 1920s and the place being New York City.

The Harry Potter films rarely ever mentioned or even referenced other Wizarding cultures outside of the British if we’re being honest too, with the only real exploration of the other cultures coming in the Triwizard Tournament from the other participating schools.

However, after already revealing the American word for Muggle, as well as a brief history of the American Wizarding history, it looks like the American version of the Hogwarts house names (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin) have also been revealed thanks to the stealthy work of a software engineer.

Federico Ian Cervantez discovered while roaming through the javascript of a currently unfinished quiz being worked on (that will sort Wizards into their American houses) for the official Harry Potter website, that the four houses of Ilvermorny, the American Wizarding school, are Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, and Pukwudgie.

In addition to the names, Cervantez also discovered the descriptions for each of the four animals as well, they read as follows:

    • Horned Serpents are “dragon-like serpents with horns and long teeth. They are often associated with or said to control the weather, particularly rain, lightning, and thunder. Magical abilities ascribed to them include shape-shifting, invisibility, and hypnotic powers.
    • Wampus’ are cat-like creatures “described as some kind of fearsome variation of a cougar.”
    • Thunderbird is a “legendary creature, often described as a very large bird, capable of generating storms and thunder as it flies.”
    • Lastly, the Pukwudgies are “two-to-three feet tall and human-shaped, but with a larger nose, ears, and fingers and smooth, grey sking that sometimes glows. Its magical abilities include disappearing and reappearing, partial or complete transformation into a porcupine or cougar, and creating fire.”

I imagine that similar to the No-Maj reveal, these names won’t at all cause any controversy amongst the Potter fan community or fandom in general…

Honestly, I’ll still always consider myself a Ravenclaw more than I would any of these names, but that’s also because I’ve become associated with that name longer than these, which I just learned a few minutes ago. What’s interesting about these names though, is that they’re all the names of animals as well as the houses, and it’ll be interesting to see which house ends up representing what. Like Gryffindor represents courage and bravery, and Ravenclaw represents wit and intellect.

Even more than the names, I’m interested in learning about what each of the houses represent and if the Fantastic Beasts film at reveals which houses any of the American wizards belong to in the film. The names are certainly different than they are in Hogwarts, but it’s sounding more and more like that’s a common thread throughout the entire American Wizarding community, and I’m just looking forward to finally learning more about the rest of the Harry Potter world, outside of the places Harry, Ron, and Hermione saw in the original novels.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is set to hit theatres on November 18th.

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