‘Fargo’ Episode 6 Review: “Buridan’s Ass”

By May 21, 2014

We have passed the hump of FX’s hit event series “Fargo.” Last night’s episode, “Buridan’s Ass,” was the most action packed of the season thus far. Also, if they decide to make another season of the show, it really will make the Midwest look like one awful place to live. Is it, though? In the sixth episode, we saw fish rain, death on an exercise bike, a whiteout shootout and Lester’s continuing journey towards winning “The Worst Person Alive” award. But I digress…

It’s funny, I only now noticed the snow scraper framed in Stavros Milos’ office. All these years later, and he still kept it framed as a reminder of the road he traveled to get to this point. And with the recent wrath of God hitting his world, it’s that framed scraper he turns to with the intention of righting a wrong he made back when he originally found the dirty money in the middle of that snowy nowhere.

And poor Don Chumph! After Lorne Malvo set the plan in motion to make the money exchange with Stavros, he knocked Chumph unconscious and duct taped him to an exercise bike with an unloaded gun taped to his hands. A little gunfire out the covered windows of the house by Malvo and the police soon come firing. Glenn Howerton did such a great job as Chumph and honestly, I was rather sad to see him killed off. But, that’s “Fargo” for ya!

With Chumph out of the picture, it’s probably a good idea to stop and really try and figure out Malvo’s intentions. Sure, there’s the money but there’s also that wicked need for him to manipulate those around him. Has he sensed the weakness in Stavros Milos and is he purposefully turning him towards the right path? Or is he just f*cking with him for the f*ck of it?


Soon after listening to the shootout on the police scanner, Lorne gets into his own scuffle in a complete whiteout on the highway. Mr. Wrench and Mr. Numbers found and cornered him on the road and what transpires is a beautifully suspenseful scene of three bad guys hunting each other with damn near no visibility. Unfortunately for Mr. Numbers, Malvo gets the drop on him. I liked Mr. Numbers.

And as this scene played out, Gus Grimly and Molly Solverson were just down the street getting food. After a brief conversation which gives us a little insight into Grimly’s past (he wanted to work at the post office, not with the police) Solverson leads the way to respond to the shootout. What transpires leaves Solverson face down in the snow at what looks like Gus’s poor choice of shooting into the blinding snow. Maybe Gus should have held out for that postman job after all.

Since this episode focused mainly on the choices and repercussions, let’s discuss a bit about what Lester’s been up to. That piece of shrapnel was finally removed from his hand but resulted in growing suspicions from the police, and now he finds himself in a hospital room guarded by police. Yet, in a depraved move on his part, he escapes by faking his identity as his burn victim roommate in the other bed. And what does he do? Why, go to his brother’s house and plant evidence framing him for the murder of his late wife. Before anyone realizes he’s gone, he sneaks right back into the guarded hospital room, no questions asked. Geez, this guy!


I mentioned the fish above and that was an interesting choice to take to bring Stavros Milos’ story in “Buridan’s Ass” to a close. The Supermarket King drove all the way to the parking structure with the intention of paying the blackmail money only to realize what he has to do. After making a quick call to get Dmitri back home (he was in hiding), Stavros exits the structure after commanding the cashier at the ticket booth to…

Open the goddamn gate, your Lord demands it!

Stavros is on a mission from God. And this mission leads him back to that snowy side of the highway where he found that money all those years ago. Here, he buries the suitcase with presumably the same amount of money he found and marks the spot with the scraper and believes this move has righted all his wrongs and will stop the Lord’s wrath. And it’s on his ride home that fish start raining from the sky. There’s no explanation as of yet for this bizarre act (of God?) but the results are deadly for Dmitri Milos.

Episode 6 of “Fargo” is my favorite episode so far this season. It’s a rare occasion when a program can be this twisted, quirky, and smart while upholding an intriguing and violent throughline of a story. There are so many questions left unanswered and so many loose ends in need of tying. But that’s okay, because right now it feels like “Fargo” is one of the best shows on television with Lorne Malvo being one of the most engaging and interesting small screen bad guys since Walter White left us.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Chris Rudder

    I loved the reference to the movie when he is leaving the parking deck. It hearkens back to one of my favorite scenes with Steve Buschemi arguing with the parking attendant over the 2 dollars; great fan service!

  • Emmet Quinn

    I find it Incredible that social media on my end of the world (Ireland) isn’t awash with chatter about this wonderful surprise of a tv show!?! 4 episodes have aired and I still have yet to find someone,anyone,that I can find a corner of a bar with to say,”Holy shit dude!! Did you see it last night?” in hushed tones ‘coz no one else has seen it. The trend of movie to tv adaptations is growing but these guys have nailed it down and hopefully others will follow suit. Dusk ‘Til Dawn? No. Fargo? Yes. Yes. Yes. I worried after episode 5,which I felt to be the weakest,but now,now I understand!! Buridan’s Ass was the strongest episode yet. It’s 5:30 am here,I should be asleep,but I had to find somewhere to say,”WOAH!!”. I think even Mr.White himself would be shocked somewhat at Lester’s,shall we say,behaviour. “Yo! Mister White. And here I thought *you* were breaking bad.”,Jessie might say.


    • Have a pint of Guinness for me in celebration of this show. 🙂

  • Emmet Quinn

    Way ahead of ye,Aaron. 😉 Slainte!