‘Fargo’ Episode 7 Review: “Who Shaves The Barber?”

By May 27, 2014

My review for tonight’s episode of “Fargo” won’t be as long or introspective as the ones from previous weeks as it feels like “Who Shaves The Barber” was another episode that was setting up the dominos to be collapsed in the remaining 3 episodes of the season. Of course, that’s not to say that the show isn’t still delivering the goods! I’m just pre-empting this review with that statement since last week’s episode was just so action packed and this one…not so much.

And you know, action like what we saw in “Buridan’s Ass” isn’t something that is necessary in every episode. What we found in tonight’s episode was an almost completely transformed Lester Nygaard from the wimpy guy we met in episode one to what I now refer to as a weasel. He’s just an awful guy! And to think, that chance meeting between him and Lorne Malvo at the hospital really set loose the inner demon he’s been carrying around with him all his life. Once again, this is a reminder that Malvo is the puppeteer orchestrating all the chaos this program is seemingly based around.


Once the wimpy victim, Lester now seems to be walking around using that character to his own personal gain. I’d compare his transformation to that of Walter White’s, but these guys are way too different and I still feel like Mr. White would demolish him in any kind of fight. But still, you have got to be pretty heartless to plant a gun in your nephew’s backpack knowing that will lead the police to investigate and then arrest your brother. If you recall, last week’s episode had Lester planting evidence linking his brother Chaz to his wife’s murder. And lo and behold, the plan worked!

What makes this worse is the conversation Nygaard has with Sheriff Oswalt and the believable story he delivered to back up the evidence he planted. It was a simple story of an extra marital affair and Oswalt ate the whole thing up. Lester walks free and Chaz goes to prison for life. In his own triumphant act, Nygaard takes it upon himself to bed Sam Hess’ widow while climaxing only when the picture of the late Mr. Hess falls from the wall. Classy.


Tonight’s episode showed Malvo confronting the man he works for in his office and after a brief back and forth, he received some of the answers he was looking for and headed off to Fargo to deal with those who sent Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench to do him in. Not only does this episode introduce FBI agents Bill Budge and Webb Pepper (played by Key and Peele), it features a pretty great scene that has Lorne Malvo take on the Fargo crime syndicate single-handedly. The way this is shown is through sound as the camera pans across the multiple levels of the building’s exterior as we hear the chaos and carnage unfold inside. It was a great use of sound (and our own imagination) if I do say so myself!

Speaking of law enforcement, this episode also follows the horrible mistake made by Gus Grimly last week. We find Molly Solverson is indeed alive and recovering in the same hospital as Mr. Wrench.

The fella upstairs that tried to murder me with a bazooka.

Grimly is more affected by his mistake in shooting his would-be partner than she is and after a few days, she is cleared to leave the hospital. But before leaving, she confronts her deaf attacker with minimal results. Maybe that scene was just another reason to reference the original subject matter as her dialog was almost the exact speech Marge Gunderson gave in the film.


Still, the day she is released, Grimly finds her mapping out the suspects and events as they have unfolded with a sharpie on the hospital room’s window. It’s a bit disconcerting that these are the only officers with any sense of logic in the show, but maybe the point is to highlight them amidst the bumbling police work that goes on around them? I don’t know, you tell me!

The episode ends on a very defeated Molly as she finds out about the arrest made on Lester’s brother. Again, Nygaard has pulled the proverbial wool over everyone’s eyes, it seems and she knows it’ll be a tough uphill battle to get anyone to listen to her now. Does she go rogue? Would you go rogue!? LET’S ALL GO ROGUE!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Where do you want the rest of the season to go? Shout out all your thoughts in the comments below!

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