‘Father of The Bride 3’ is Reportedly in Development (With a Story Twist)

By June 16, 2014

When we last saw George Banks in 1995’s Father Of The Bride 2, he was deep into mid-life crisis mode when both his freshly married daughter AND wife both announce they were pregnant, which made him a grandfather AND a new parent in a time when he was ready to enjoy his retirement.

Nine years later, Banks is returning for another wedding, but this time it’s his gay son’s!

Nikki Finke says Steve Martin will return once again as the patriarch of the Banks household for Father Of The Bride 3, in which Banks will once again lose his mind as his son Matty (previously played by Kieran Culkin) preps to marry the love of his life, the son of a Navy SEAL.

In FoTB 3, George is “thunderstruck and speechless” that Matty is marrying another man and takes it so badly that wife Nina (previously played by Diane Keaton) sends him packing until he can chill out and get with the program.

At this moment, director Charles Shyer is reportedly back to direct with David Hoberman (FoTB 1) producing, but screenwriter/producer Nancy Meyers (who apparently was offered the directing gig before Shyer) will not return, so Marc Klein (Serendipity, Mirror Mirror) will take over scriptwriting duties.


Martin is the only actor said to be reprising his role – no word yet on Culkin or Keaton but I would hope they’d return. The film would be very odd without them AND if Martin Short (pictured above with Martin) doesn’t return as the flamboyantly strange and fabulous wedding planner Franck Eggelhoffer, I call “shenanigans!”

UPDATE: As I was writing this, Steve Martin also chimed in on FoTB 3…

Martin’s comment doesn’t refute every part of Finke’s story (the pitch to Disney could have still been made), but it doesn’t bode well for Finke’s return to the world of breaking scoops. We’ll see what affect this denial has on her reputation as she tries to claw her way back into the scoop game.

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