‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Opening Sequence Debuts Online

By August 20, 2015

The big selling point for Fear the Walking Dead up until this point is the fact that it’s a spin-off series for the massive hit show, The Walking Dead. However, by nearly every standard, the two series will be completely different from each other. The thing that is in all actuality the most interesting aspect about Fear the Walking Dead, is that it gives fans the opportunity to finally see the collapse of civilization that took place when the zombie outbreak began.

In The Walking Dead, Rick wakes up out of a coma into an already zombie infested world, and that’s fine because it works for that series. However, the fact that Fear the Walking Dead is going to be introducing us to these characters and making us become attached to them, while the rest of the world is going to hell and they have to survive, makes it so that Fear the Walking Dead could end up being even more intense and emotional than its predecessor. Plus, the change from the swamps of Georgia to the city streets of Los Angeles should help to bring a different and fresh dynamic to the new series as well.

Today, AMC has debuted the first three minutes from the premiere episode of Fear the Walking Dead online, ahead of its television debut this Sunday. Check out the clip down below:

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: #FearBeginsHere this Sunday at 9/8c.

Posted by Fear the Walking Dead on Thursday, August 20, 2015

The differences both in the local and the production design is glaringly apparent from this scene, and that’s a good thing actually. Fear the Walking Dead needs to prove that it can stand on its own as a strong, dependent series, and not something that you need to watch The Walking Dead for. Judging by the tension, and very creepy vibe from this three-minute opening alone too, it looks like it’s going to be able to do that.

The show’s overall tone is a lot different than The Walking Dead though, and it’s much creepier than the original series. While Walking Dead is grimy, and sweaty and almost savage in a lot of ways, Fear looks like it could actually be a full-on horror series. The lead-up to the zombie reveal at the end of this clip alone is proof enough of that, and hopefully, the rest of the series can hold the same kind of attention. If so, AMC might have yet another winner on their hands here.

Fear the Walking Dead is set to premiere on AMC on this Sunday @ 9/8c.

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