‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Promo Poster Released

By March 4, 2016

The first season of Fear the Walking Dead on AMC left our lead group of characters trying to escape the zombie ridden world around them, by taking shelter in a gated estate near the shore. As tensions grew though, and the outbreak got worse they began preparing to seek refuge on a yacht that’s moored offshore, named “Abigail.” Three guesses says that safety won’t last very long, it never does.

Now, with a little over a month left until the second season’s April premiere, AMC has unveiled a new promotional poster for the season, teasing the unknown dangers that hiding on a boat during the zombie apocalypse might entail.

Check it out below:

fear the walking dead season 2 poster

Working as a prequel that will eventually catch up to the events of The Walking Dead, AMC’s spin-off series gave fans the chance to see the human world slowly devolve into chaos for the first time, something that the original series skipped over in its pilot episode. Instead of being set in the southern regions of the United States though, Fear took place in the dead center of civilization – Los Angeles, California.

The first season of the show took a little bit to really get going, but with a new environment for zombies to ravage onscreen and the opportunities for even more beloved and not-so-beloved characters to get killed, Fear the Walking Dead holds a lot of promise with its sophomore season. With all of the origin stories and main character introductions finally out of the way, hopefully this season will be able to crank up the tension and pacing just a little bit more moving forward. Even if not though, at least we’ll still get to see zombies on a boat, right?

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 will premiere on AMC on Sunday, April 10th.

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