‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Wants You to Meet Christian Grey, Also Intern For Him

By January 24, 2014

Well, this is certainly a demanding way to kick off marketing for Fifty Shades of Grey (but, really, could it be any other way?). Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation of the extremely popular E.L. James novel might not be hitting screens for more than a year, but the marketing team behind the film is already getting down to business when it comes to, well, getting down to business.

Meet Christian Grey. Or, actually, meet Christian Grey’s back. You might also want to meet Jamie Dornan, the guy who is playing the romantic “hero” of James’ series, but that’s not what this first poster is delivering. It’s a back! A demanding back! Okay!


As uninspiring as this first poster seems to be, it certainly sounds like Universal Pictures and Focus Features are prepping to put some major marketing muscle behind the hot property, as this poster is being released to help start “the yearlong countdown to Valentine’s Day 2015 when the film arrives in theaters.” The yearlong countdown. The poster will be displayed in five different outdoor locations in five different cities, and we can only assume the outdoor art will be enormous. If you’re around New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, or Seattle, keep your eye out for this gigantic back. Mr. Grey will see whomever now!

Actually, Mr. Grey may see you now, as Universal has also provided a link for fans to apply to be an “intern” for Grey Enterprises Holdings. Considering what Mr. Grey does to innocent college students simply attempting to interview him, goodness knows what he will do to his interns. Interested?  Submit your information here to find out about “available opportunities,” and then report back, because we’re kind of scared.

Fifty Shades of Grey opens on February 14, 2015. Happy love holiday thing.

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Kate Erbland
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  • Frances Ferro

    A year long countdown. WOW, I guess that is what Fifty Shades of Grey needs, a lot of advertising to remind people to actually go watch the film, as they couldn’t be bothered to read the book.

  • Barbara Cabrera

    Mr Grey will see you now. Really. That is the best they could come up with. That is pathetic, and they get paid more than I do. Definitely boycotting this film.

  • Edythe Perras

    Releasing on Valentines Day, well that is so original. And i know exactly what he would do to his interns, just use a little imagination.

  • Carol Williams

    Your scared… who isn’t. We are talking to Mr Banks not the manager at the McDonalds down the street. I wish I was in one of those cities that have this poster.