Final ‘Mad Men’ Episodes Get a Premiere Date

By January 10, 2015

As a cable network, AMC have given us some very memorable television experiences for nearly a decade. “Breaking Bad” was nothing short of a phenomenon, gaining a reputation as perhaps one of the greatest television series ever produced. Audiences are still clamoring for more of “The Walking Dead,” a show which he network will double down on with a spinoff and other expansions. The series that really kicked AMC into gear as a vehicle for really good television, though, was Matthew Weiner’s “Mad Men.” A solid drama following the work and lives of Madison Avenue advertising executives in the 1960’s, “Mad Men” has garnered high critical acclaim, signified by its multiple awards from the Emmys, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Peabody, and the American Film Institute.

Now, though, the end is in sight for the beloved series. At the press tour for the Television Critics Association (via IGN), series creator Weiner and key cast members revealed that the final seven episodes of “Mad Men” will begin airing on AMC on Sunday, April 5th. Technically the “second half” of the series seventh season, this will be the definitive end of the line for Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Peggy Olson, Pete Campbell, and the entire crew at Sterling Cooper & Partners.

When asked about whether or not there would be a new spinoff coming out of “Mad Men” similarly to how the upcoming “Better Call Saul” is spinning out of “Breaking Bad,” Weiner told the assembled audience not to expect it, while also relating how hard it is to see the show come to an end.

The spinoff right now is these last seven episodes, as far as I’m concerned. We finished and there’s an emotional thing that goes along with finishing which is really hard. Now that it’s sort of over, it’s such a relief that it’s not [yet] over. I’m so excited to start unspooling this.

When asked about how difficult it is to end a long-running beloved series, Weiner seemed open to fan interpretation once the series is officially all said and done.

I’m extremely interested in what the audience thinks! I’m trying to confound them but not frustrate them. Sometimes people need to be protected from what they think they want to see, [and] to delight them with a surprise, you can’t just give them everything they want.

It should prove very interesting to see what Weiner and company all come up with to give these characters we’ve gotten to know over the years a proper send off, that’s at least as worthy as the journey up to this point has been. Be sure to tune into AMC on Sunday, April 5th to see how “Mad Men” will begin winding things down ahead of its series finale.

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