‘Finding Dory’ Teaser Brings Back Ellen Degeneres’ Forgetful Fish

By January 26, 2016

After making a comeback last year with Inside Out, Pixar is set to bring audiences a sequel to one of the studio’s most beloved outings to date in Finding Dory. Following the release of the film’s first official trailer just a few months ago, and exclusive footage shown to attendees at last year’s D23 Expo as wellFinding Dory has a surprising amount of hype behind it considering many had called the worthiness of its existence into question when it was initially announced.

Turning the original film’s story on its head, the sequel finds Marlin, Nemo, and Dory on a similar adventure as the two clownfish search for their forgetful friend after she embarks on a complicated search to find the family she had forgotten.

A new small teaser for the film has been released, and it shines a spotlight on what made audiences fall in love with Dory in the first place. Check it out:

The footage at D23 gave me hope for that had been previously lacking if I’m being honest, and seeing sneak peeks at some of the friends (and foes) that Dory runs into through her journey – including Ed O’Neill’s grouchy octopus, Hank, Ty Burrell’s Bailey, a naive whale, and Kaitlin Olson’s Destiny, a well-intentioned whale shark – reminded me that while the film’s story is essentially the same as the original’s, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be an enjoyable experience.

I don’t know if Finding Dory will be able to recapture that magic and love the original did, but it looks like a fun and well-intentioned follow-up nonetheless, and for that reason alone, I look forward to seeing what Pixar has in store for us this time around.

Finding Dory is set to hit theatres on June 17th.

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