‘Finding Dory’ Trailer Sends the Forgetful Fish on a Journey Home

By March 2, 2016

A new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Finding Dory has debuted online today, teasing more of the story and action we can look forward to from the Finding Nemo sequel. After making an enormous comeback last year as well with both The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out (which just won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature this past weekend) too, it’s safe to say that the bar for Finding Dory has been raised.

Reuniting audiences with the same group of main characters from Nemo, the sequel finds Ellen Degeneres’ beloved, forgetful fish on a journey through the ocean to try and find the family she had forgotten.

Check out the new trailer below:

The trailer teases a lot of the interactions and new characters we can expect to see Dory meet and have in the new film, some of which were teased at last year’s D23 Expo, including the introduction of Ed O’Neill’s sneaky octopus.

Kaitlin Olson’s D, a new whale shark who has a history with Dory, looks just as fun and playful as that character deserves too, and it looks like the creative team may be taking the dangers of the dentist’s aquarium from the first film, and turning them up to a whole other level here. It looks fun, and it looks just like how a film centered on Dory might. Now we’ll just have to hope it falls more on the Toy Story side of Pixar’s sequels, rather than say the Cars or even Monsters Inc. franchises.

Finding Dory is set to hit theaters on June 17th.

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