First Clip of Marvel’s One-Shot ‘All Hail The King’ Is Pretty Snazzy

By January 15, 2014

When Thor: The Dark World arrives on Blu-ray this February 25th, fans will FINALLY get to see All Hail The King (written and directed by Iron Man 3 co-writer Drew Pearce), the Marvel one-shot we’ve all been hearing about that stars the one and only baddie The Mandarin a.k.a. the Moriarty to Iron Man’s Sherlock Holmes.

And thanks to the fine folks at Entertainment Weekly, we now have some more info about what said short will entail…

WARNING: possible spoilers if you haven’t seen Iron Man 3.


In this clip, we get an Interview With The Vampire meets “60 Minutes” feel as Scoot McNairy (Argo) is a documentarian looking to get some answers from one of the world’s most feared terrorists with a flair for the dramatic, The Mandarin (who we learned in IM3 is NOT The Mandarin, but drunken British actor Trevor Slattery’s artistic interpretation).

Check this out, then we’ll talk.

Great googly moogly, I love me some Sir Ben Kingsley. If a one-minute clip manages to get a big laugh out of me, I’m sold.
I’m looking forward to seeing the other 13 minutes of All Hail The King when Thor: The Dark World arrives on Blu-ray this February 25th. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • tracy4531

    I’m always ready for more Trevor

  • jennifer341

    I always think of Ash when I hear anything about hailing to the king.

  • danking9288

    I loved what Kingsley did in IM3 but when they first announced these one-shots, weren’t they supposed to be for lesser known superheroes like Luke Cage and Iron Fist? I know those two are getting their own Netflix series so maybe plans have changed. Still, I’d rather see a Moon Knight or Speedball one-shot than a Peggy Carter and now Trevor Slattery one-shot.