First Images From ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Six Finale Released

By June 22, 2016

As we all still recover from the greatness that was “The Battle of the Bastards” this past Sunday, HBO has revealed several new, first images from this Sunday’s upcoming season finale of Game of Thrones, mysteriously titled, “The Winds of Winter,” the same name as George R. R. Martin’s next novel in the series. With only one piece of information to go on as well, since HBO is refusing to release an official excerpt for the episode, it’ll be hard to predict what exactly is going to happen next this week, perhaps more than any other time in Thrones history.

Taking care of the fallout from the Battle of the Bastards, and the Stark family reclaiming Winterfell, it’s not hard to tell that Jon and Sansa are going to play a major role in the episode, as well as Daenerys and Tyrion, now that’s she’s established her dominance over Mereen and the other slave cities for (hopefully) the last time and her new partnership with Yara and Theon Greyjoy.

The more unpredictable storylines in the episode may belong to King’s Landing and Jamie Lannister though, with Cersei and Loras facing their trials against the High Sparrow, and Jamie dining with the Freys following his victory at Riverrun.

Check out the first images below:

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I know that I have my theories about how this season is going to end (hint: it involves Bran and a certain Tower of Joy), but make sure to let us know what you think is going to happen in the season finale as well, and which storyline you think might hold the biggest surprises.

“The Winds of Winter” will air this Sunday on HBO.

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