First Look: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

By December 4, 2012

When Ashton Kutcher was cast as Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic jOBS, many thought it was a good choice.

Kutcher definitely resembles the Apple pioneer.

Now we’re getting the first official look at Kutcher in character.

It’s hard to say, but some actors are so famous that no matter what role they are playing, you just see the actor. For instance, no matter what movie Tom Cruise is in, I just see Tom Cruise. I feel the same about Ashton at this point. He has saturated the media with his image, and that’s great when you want to book a commercial, but not sure how it’s going to impact this film.

We all saw what happened when Lindsay Lohan tried to played Liz Taylor. Let’s hope we’re not headed toward another Lohan biopic type experience.

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